9 Coats of Paint! (Replacing the front door)

Hello everyone! I thought today I’d post something other than jabber about money.

While I started this blog to really document my debt repayment journey, that’s not all there is to me. I mentioned before here and here, and here [removed outdated urls February 25, 2014]that I bought my own little house almost two short years ago. Aside from home renovations I have many other hobbies and general STUFF that goes on in my life and from time to time I may share that with you. So today’s post; 9 coats of paint a.k.a the door that just didn’t want to be painted.

I’ll show you the terrifying before;

[removed outdated url February 25, 2014]

Pretty bad huh? While overall this little house ‘o mine has great potential the previous owners just let everything go, such a shame. I took this photo with my cellphone the second time I toured the house and before I made an offer.
Cropped out of this picture are actually a carpenter and my mum talking about what all needs to be done.
As I didn’t take ownership until November 2008 nothing was done outside until Spring 2009. We actually started with a spontaneous ripping up of the hideous rotten deck by the steps  and planted a few bulbs cedars etc. around the front entry.

[removed outdated url February 25, 2014]

<- This picture shows the deck being ripped up and two of the cedars I bought to plant by the door still in pots.

[removed outdated url February 25, 2014]———————————————————–

The plan was first to try and salvage the old door as it fit best with the house but sometime that spring I received a free door that someone had discarded. It was a wooden door that was perfectly fine – just needed a lick of paint. It took a while to get around to it but in November I finally started the door replacing project only to discover the entire sill beneath it and the two windows was rotten through – something that could have been prevented by the previous owners! This predicament resulted in ripping out the entire wall, which after it was partially re-framed looked like this;

hole in the house~!
hole in the house~!

I was working on my own project in our bedroom at the time so I just avoided this general area while it was redone. When I saw the hole after everything had been removed I sort of felt like a parent who’s about to watch their child fall of a bicycle. I felt helpless and sorry for my little house. I guess that was my first experience with REAL house Reno’s. It actually only took one day to removed the existing door and two windows, re-frame, hang the door and shingle it all. I decided not to replace the windows, this is East facing and it was more cost effective to leave them out. Thankfully I had the help of two great people whom I don’t want to name on this blog but without whom this would not have been possible. Thank you!!
But, back to the door!

I don’t have any photo’s of what the door looked like before. This is a photo of it after it had been sanded down from it’s aubergine colour, primed, hung and painted thrice with bright red paint:

The reason that this post is called 9 Coats of Paint! is that it took… 9 coats of RED paint to achieve the solid red colour without blotches. I even googled “painting a red door” before I did it. I picked my favourite paint, Behr, because I really enjoy working with Behr latex and had it colour matched from another brand’s color chip. I followed the instructions but YIKES. Red is the hardest colour of paint to get a nice solid, even colour. I managed to get three coats of red on before winter and actually followed that up with more coats this spring to achieve the nice deep, bright red that I wanted. All-in-all it took an unbelievable 9 coats of red paint +primer to get this door where it is today.

The final result;

berry red for christmas
berry red for christmas

So, what do you think?
Red happens to be my favourite colour so it was an obvious choice for me. I chose this fiery red over more muted reds because I really wanted it to pop. My house is so little and very ordinary, I wanted to give it character and I think I’ve certainly achieved that. It really looks fantastic with a wreath and the white Christmas lights lit up in the cedars on either side. I am really happy with the outcome.
Have you ever tried to paint with red or do you have a similar crazy experience with maybe a piece of furniture? What was your experience? I’m really curious to find out whether this was out of the ordinary or if I just got a bad batch of paint!
Ps: Next week I have another post lined up for you about unexpected experiences that come with owning your own home and this post is a warm-up, so stay tuned!

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