Oops! No new stuff this week

Hey everyone, Just a quick post to let you all know that there will be no new post to my blog this Monday (Sept 27th) as I drove to the hospital last Thursday and was thrown into the operating room to have an appendectomy! I asked the anaesthesiologist (from Michigan) about the American vs. theContinue reading “Oops! No new stuff this week”

Money tip; Deal with your bills as soon as they come in then forget about them

Just over two months ago I mentioned that I have about a one week period every month when all my bills seem to be due. That used to mean that about 80% of the paycheque closest to that bill-week was spent on bills because I didn’t pay the bills until they were due!  So what’sContinue reading “Money tip; Deal with your bills as soon as they come in then forget about them”

Letting the government hang on to your money

Not the smartest idea right? Paying taxes early instead of putting the money into a high interest savings account at banks such as Ally and ING and getting interest on it really doesn’t make much sense… or does it? If you are in a situation like me where you are responsible to pay your ownContinue reading “Letting the government hang on to your money”

Emergency and general preparedness – 7 ways I prepare

I wanted to write about emergency preparedness because it’s an important topic, if left in an emergency situation could you survive? Could you take care of your family for days without outside help? As hurricane Earl is tracking its way along the East Coast I’m preparing my house and property and bracing for the highContinue reading “Emergency and general preparedness – 7 ways I prepare”

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