Stupid stuff OTHER people say

I say stupid stuff all the time, including on this blog! Sometimes I get baaaad foot in mouth so today I want to write about stupid stuff other people say, not just random people these are ACTUAL things I have heard people say and some of it was said to me. Here she goes.

1. “Come enjoy the art of shopping” – Umm? Really? I dont even know what to say about this! Shopping an art? What?!

2. “so much for golden years, may as well spend it when you have it!” – This quote is from a few ladies ranging from 40ish to 60ish talking at the pool locker room recently. I had to type it into my phone because their entire conversation was just incredible and I was trying so hard not to laugh about what was really quite a serious situation. They were discussing the Canadian pension plan, how they don’t think there will be any money in it for them and they won’t be able to enjoy retirement. Now a reasonably keen person might clue in and think ‘Hey I ought to have a plan if no one else is going to take care of me!’ No, instead these ladies suggested to each other to have fun now and spend all their money because there wouldn’t be anything left anyway.
At the same time in this conversation they were mentioning their lack of savings. So, basically they’re having meagre fun now spending what little they do have with no clear idea as to how they will spend their older years? I think I would die of anxiety. I am 25, I will have a plan in place for my retirement before I turn 26.

3. “I can only wear heels, can’t wear flat’s cos I loose my balance!” Also overheard at pool locker room from a well-dressed lady with a good job. Stupidity has no bounds. If you have problems wearing flat shoes because you always wear heels then you are very likely part of the problem.

And last but not least;

4. “…. blabla when I win the lottery” I hear this all the time and I just feel… devoid of air at that statement. Maybe I’m still young and ambitious and some people have lost some of that zest for life but… do you go around saying that maybe you’ll try this one thing you’d love to do when you get struck by lightning? Well the odds of that are actually considerably higher than winning any lottery. Why not try to work for that goal, why not make it your dream that you will work for, why not do everything possible to get there, wherever there is. A friend of mine recently posted online that she loves baking and would love to have a bakery to follow up with “…maybe when I win the lottery” There is no reason for that! Sure, not all goals are attainable and it sure as heck isn’t easy to fight for the things you love and to work hard to do what you want to do… but it’s so worth it!

Sometimes I say what I think when I hear something like one of the statements above and sometimes I don’t. Sometimes friends call me out on my stupid statement, have yours said anything stupid lately?

Published by Renée

I write about my life, travel and my financial up and downs on my blog, Nickel By Nickel, while contradicting myself daily. ;)

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