You need a budget.

In this months first Spending post I wrote that I would no longer be posting my spending report on here weekly because frankly it’s just too much work. I have been tracking my weekly spending, to the penny, for more than two months now and I had been posting that every Sunday on this blog. I found it very time consuming and got tired of it quite fast so mid-November I decided to start looking into budget software – and found what I was looking for. I’ve been promising to write about this sooner but you know, I’m a busy bee!


I’m a bit of a geek so when it comes to budget software I wanted something a bit more fancy-lookin’, I wanted the ability to generate graphs and charts and a smooth interface. I tried Gnucash (open-source software) and Quicken (I actually even took a course on Quicken years ago… hmm) and neither were really it. I decided I wanted an actual computer program vs an online log-in type thing because I want to be able to use my budget software even if I don’t have Internet.

I ended up finding a great program called You Need A Budget, unfortunately it does cost money but look how sleek it is;

I honestly don’t even remember how or where I ran into their website but can we say love at first sight? I love this program! It does everything I need it to and more. YNAB’s four rules…;

1 – Give every dollar a job
2 – Save for a rainy day
3 – Roll with the punches
4 – Stop living paycheck to paycheck

… build on the process I began with Your Money or Your Life and Dave Ramsey‘s TMMO. I bought the program at the end of November, only a few weeks ago and I’m pretty well hooked. I’m quite excited for December to be over with so I can see how well my budget worked this month and so I  can see the final result in a fancy ‘ol pie chart like so;

Mid-December results

Love it!

Have you used YNAB or do you prefer something different?

Ps: I only write about stuff I like, I am not compensated for writing about this program.It just rocks all by itself :p

Published by Renée

I write about my life, travel and my financial up and downs on my blog, Nickel By Nickel, while contradicting myself daily. ;)

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