Victory! January – The month I conquered my money

Looking back: For the month of January I wanted to achieve the following; – $450 to my Student Loan – $450 additional savings – $100 extra mortgage payment Now how things actually went, I did great!; Actual: – $450 to my Student Loan I paid back about $500 in January – $450 additional savings IContinue reading “Victory! January – The month I conquered my money”

20 Financial Milestones you want to reach in your twenties.

I’ve already seen this list covered on another handful of blogs, and recently read about it on GenY Wealth and Little Miss Moneybags and I thought it might be fun for me to do, mostly for myself to see what my progress is. It’s a list of 20 ‘milestones’ you want to reach in yourContinue reading “20 Financial Milestones you want to reach in your twenties.”

Cool finds in old houses

I found these items while renovating my little house, of course this isn’t uncommon but I thought it was pretty cool to share. The newspaper was found underneath old kitchen linoleum, I’m guessing it was used to ‘level’ some sections. The newspaper contains a few stories of the times – a request for warstories, advertisementContinue reading “Cool finds in old houses”

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