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The lowly nickel

I announced last week that I transferred this whole blog over to a new domain; NickelByNickel.com. (If you haven’t bookmarked the new spot yet, here you go!) I wasn’t happy with my old blog, the name wasn’t really representative of the stuff I write about, (Money, mostly :D) and I wasn’t entirely anonymous.

I’ve been brainstorming about this name change since about October, well actually I did brainstorm a bit before beginning to blog again in July but obviously I couldn’t think of anything so I settled on the ubiquitous Cradled on the Waves. I soon realized that wasn’t going to work so a new blog name has been on my mind ever since.

I landed on NickeByNickel.com in December because I often feel like I’m crawling out of a financial hole. I’ve mentioned this before on here I believe, I feel like since I’ve made a change in my life and made a commitment to becoming debt free I’m climbing this mountain of debt and the victory day will be the day I stand on that mountain of debt and am debt free. I am achieving this little by little because I don’t have an extravagantly high income and I have other bills so nickel by nickel and penny by penny I’m climbing up the money ladder to hopefully achieve some day that elusive $0 debt.

NickelByNickel.com strangely ended up not being taken yet so I bought the domain and here we are! Woo! I’m very excited and hope to write some better posts and get to know some of you other bloggers, and readers! a little better. I’m going to keep the anonymity for now because I’m not quite ready yet for my family and friends to read this blog, I’d prefer to keep it on the down low in my real life. My name is Andrea, nice to meet you!

So whattaya think! Like the name, hate the name, don’t care? If you’re a fellow blogger, how did you settle on your blog’s name?

Published by Renée

I write about my life, travel and my financial up and downs on my blog, Nickel By Nickel, while contradicting myself daily. ;)

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