Renogotiating Utility Contracts

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There’s no doubt that things like electric bills, home phone, Internet and cellphone bills can add up to a good chunk of change.

Last week my mother -> that sounds wrong, my mom was thinking about switching to a different provider because she had received an offer in the mail (addressed to her by name) from another company offering her the services she already had for a cheaper promo rate for the next 6 months.

We looked at each other and she said to me; ‘What should I do?’ I said  (and-I-quote) ! ‘Call ’em!’ I found the phone number for her, my mother phoned them and said to them (this is a literal quote) “I just got a letter from another company for a cheaper rate, what are YOU going to do about it?”
She wasn’t mean about it, she just blurted it out and sure enough she was transferred to a manager and was offered a 20% discount on her bill for the next twelve months beginning December 25, 2010!! We then looked at each other and sort of giggled, I don’t think either one of us actually expected this to work!

My own services are already at a lower price because I called a while ago and a helpful young woman actually offered me a lower rate without me having to demand it but I’m sure many other people can still benefit from this oft-repeated tip: Call your provider! Be nice but stern… A dutch saying goes ‘Ja heb je, nee kun je krijgen’ which translates to ‘Yes, you’ve got and no is what you could get’. So true, the worst that could happen is the person on the other end of the phone thinks you’re loony and says no or… you save a bunch of money.

Worth a try, no?

Ps: I just lowered my Cell bill too, hurray! (More on that next week!)

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10 thoughts on “Renogotiating Utility Contracts

  1. @Daisy & Paying Myself: I know huh! Really it’s so easy to save money this way! I’ve been reading this tip for so long but never actually tried it, I thought ‘nah, that won’t work for me!’ But I guess it does 😀

    @Red; My mom IS awesome 😀 she’s very friendly but very blunt, works well when you want to get somethingdone! (Which is why I sometimes let her return stuff for me)


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  3. I have done the same thing with my cable. I was able to get about 40% off what I was paying before…and they threw in HBO for 6 months for free!


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