How to make reusable dryer sheets

When I first started blogging not too long ago I wrote about home-made laundry detergent on two occasions, here and here. The benefits of home-made are numerous: It’s cost-effective, allergy friendly and more sustainable than bringing home plastic containers of laundry detergent every two weeks. I’ve been using home-made powdered laundry detergent for 14 monthsContinue reading “How to make reusable dryer sheets”

Shape up for March-challenge, update #2

So I’m participating in a Shape up for March challenge for a period of four weeks as I mentioned here and here.  The challenge is being hosted by Serendipity over on Serendipity’s Guide to Saving where you can also find the other contenders. The challenge entails setting some goals you’d like to reach for yourContinue reading “Shape up for March-challenge, update #2”

Take that, cellphone service provider!

Last month I wrote a post about how my mother saved 20% off her home phone/internet and tv package for the next year simply by phoning her utility company and notifying them that she had been offered a better deal. The company transferred her to a manager and she was offered a great deal becauseContinue reading “Take that, cellphone service provider!”

Shape up for March-challenge, Update #1

I’m back, I’m back! Wow, one week has gone by since I last wrote anything at all! Before I get to the shape up challenge part of this post; I am so sorry guys, it’s been extremely hectic around here.  I’m in the process of getting everything together for looming tax due dates at work.Continue reading “Shape up for March-challenge, Update #1”

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