Shape up for March-challenge, Update #1

I’m back, I’m back!
Wow, one week has gone by since I last wrote anything at all! Before I get to the shape up challenge part of this post; I am so sorry guys, it’s been extremely hectic around here.  I’m in the process of getting everything together for looming tax due dates at work. I’ve mentioned before that I’m self-employed but also employed: I’m employed by a family company which means that I mostly set my own schedule and wages but also deal with and work for the rest of the family, it gets a little crazy sometimes!

I also got sick 10 days ago, I came down with a high fever and major chest congestion but still ended up having to work. <- The not so fun part of being a business owner. I had a fever for three days which meant a backlog of work that kept me occupied through the beginning of the week and prevented me from writing on anything useful to post here.  Things don’t look like they’re letting up, an employee/co-worker will be taking a leave of absence for the next three weeks which means an increased work-load. On a positive note this means more running around and more exercise; great for the challenge! 😀 Anyway, I hope to be back to posting 2-3 times per week starting now.

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Speaking of the challenge, right… So I’m participating in a Shape up for March challenge as I mentioned last monday. The challenge is being hosted by Serendipity over on Serendipity’s Guide to Saving where you can also find the other contenders, yay!

The challenge entails setting some goals you’d like to reach for your weight or just goals for being active and keeping each other accountable.

My goals are; a 4lb weight loss over the course of the four weeks, 3x gym per week and a $160 grocery budget for February.

The short version; I did pretty good the past week!
The long version, broken down by goal;

1. 4lb loss; I lost one pound! I didn’t actually manage to eat all that well, I ate a lot of pistachio’s, two bowls of chips (on separate days!) cheese & crackers, ice cream and many other goodies. I credit being crazy busy with the weight loss. This puts me back to my pre-Christmas weight and exactly on target, good stuff.

2. 3x gym per week; Ahh, yeah. Didn’t do so well here. I managed to hit the gym once for 30 minutes, it was only a few days after being sick and I just couldn’t breathe so I cut the workout short and went home. BUT! All is not lost, I spent 1.5 hour shoveling snow, 1.5 hour lugging wood, a long afternoon of trudging through snow attending a winter festival and had a quick dip in the pool this weekend. Work was super busy as well with lots of running around and according to the pedometer that runs on my cell’s background I had PLENTY of steps this week. Goal accomplished!

3. $160 grocery budget for February; It looks like I have already spent 3/4 of my grocery budget for the month… don’t think I’m going to make it. The reason for this is that I’ve been restocking my pantry, I found a sale on tuna and canned ham and stocked up for the year. I couldn’t pass up the deal and really… the best way the inflation hedge your pantry is by stocking up when prices are low. I did the same last month when I hit a great sale on canned tomatoes, I stocked up and got 40ish cans. Myeah, these savings should translate through to a lower food budget overall for the year so I’m not too bummed out about it!

Well, that’s it for this week. The goals remain the same the coming week… don’t forget to check out the other challengers!

The other Challengers and their goals;
Serendipity @ Serendipity’s Guide to Saving – Lose 7 lbs, Workout 30 min 3x/week.
Heather @ Domestically Flawed
E.E. Musings @ Musings of an Abstract Aucklander – Run 2x/week, Grocery budget of $500/month
Girl Makes Cents – Increase strength, flexibility and maintain body weight
Life as a Purse – Lose 4 lbs, Workout 5x/week
The Lost Goat – Lose 4 lbs, Workout 6x/week
The Whole Guacamole – Build muscle, Increase Flexibility.

(Again, If I missed anyone please let me know!)

Ps: IMG here.

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