Take that, cellphone service provider!

Last month I wrote a post about how my mother saved 20% off her home phone/internet and tv package for the next year simply by phoning her utility company and notifying them that she had been offered a better deal. The company transferred her to a manager and she was offered a great deal because they wanted to keep her as a customer.

Naturally, I tried to look for ways to apply this to myself and my last sentence in last months’ article was “Ps: I just lowered my Cell bill too, hurray! (More on that next week!)” I guess this article kind of got shuffled along with some other drafts but I dug it up today because I think one can never save enough money on utilities!

While I already get a fab deal on my home phone/internet and cable tv; $89 inc tax! My cellphone bill left something to be desired… it was way too high to my liking. I have not been willing to switch providers because I’m ‘stuck’ over here in Canada. My only choices are Bell/Aliant, Telus, Koodoo (also Telus) Rogers and I believe recently Virgin Mobile now offers services here. I’ve been with Bell/Aliant; meh. Telus was also meh, aside from their awesome commercials and free calendars their service department left much to be desired. Almost five years ago I switched to Rogers and have been quite content there. (Yes, I’ve had a cellphone since I was 13)

I currently have a great package that is no longer offered that meets most of my needs. I have 250 daytime minutes, free evenings & weekends, my5, 50 first minutes free along with a few other things.

The problem
I stated that I have a package that is no longer offered that I love, BUT my add-on package hasn’t been so great. Sure, I could break my contract and move over to one of the companies offering unlimited everything but I don’t like messing with a good thing. I’m a happy customer of Rogers, I have great reception and I like my phone (Sony Ericsson c510a)

Until recently I was consistently going over my allowed text messages (I actually text with coworkers and employees, not something I’m willing to cut out otherwise I would just quit texting to save money) and when I phoned to try to change to something I was told that unless I wanted to change my package altogether that wasn’t possible. I don’t want to change my package, it’s no longer offered and it is way more awesome that the packages offered now! BOO! But instead of stomping my feet and whining about it I sucked up, I tried my best to cut down on my texting and waited it out.

Not too long ago I finally noticed that Rogers tweaked their value-packages and I was able to phone in and add a $15 package to my regular plan that included 3x the messaging bundle I had previously and a bunch of other stuff like voicemail and caller id (necessary for work) which will cover my texting overage and then some. Sweet! Sometimes, it’s worth it to wait things out.

My cellphone bill will now go down to a steady $49.90 a month and I foresee no reason to go over as I have never gone over the minutes and messages now included in my package. While I wasn’t able to get an actual discount on my bill, it took a few months of patience to get what I wanted and this should suit me fine for at least the next year or so!

Have you has any success contacting your service providers and getting a deal? Are there any other tricks for lowering your bills that I don’t know of? I’d love to hear from you below!

EDIT: In the comments I was asked about my cellphone bill before the savings, I forgot to mention that! Before the savings I was getting bills  between $60 and $75 a month so I will be savings at least $10 a month now!

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4 thoughts on “Take that, cellphone service provider!

  1. I”m with rogers too, and about a month ago I called and asked them if I could get a better deal on my plan.
    They told me that I could upgrade – aka Get MORE – for $50/month less on my family plan.
    I like rogers.


    1. Sweet deal! I had that with my home phone, I phoned them about something (don’t remember what) and the girl on the phone said ‘hey wait a minute I think we have a better package for you for cheaper so let me change that’ without me even having to ask! There are still good people and good deals to be found =)


  2. Great job! I have found that these recurring charges can really put a drag on your financials. By decreasing a few of these monthly costs you can really go a long way to re-allocating money from spending to saving. With my current job my employer pays for my phone, so it was nice to completely get rid of that bill.

    What was your cell phone bill before? I don’t think I saw it mentioned, just the $50 it went down to.


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