Shape up for March-challenge, update #2

So I’m participating in a Shape up for March challenge for a period of four weeks as I mentioned here and here.  The challenge is being hosted by Serendipity over on Serendipity’s Guide to Saving where you can also find the other contenders.

The challenge entails setting some goals you’d like to reach for your weight or just goals for being active and keeping each other accountable.

My goals are;
– a 4 lb weight loss over the course of the four weeks
– 3x gym per week and
– a $160 grocery budget for February.

Past week’s results
The past week has not been great.  The only highlight; I lost another pound! and am right on track for a 4 pound loss by the end of the challenge!

source below article

I did not go to the gym… at all. In fact, as of yesterday I’m down with the flu (or something) again. It seems that whatever bug I picked up two weeks ago is still kicking my ass and I’ve spent the majority of the time that I was not working on sleep, food and drinking copious amounts of herbal tea.  Ugh, I do hope to feel better soon and to make a better effort this week. At least I’m on track weight wise.

I have also not been able to meet my goal of $160 in groceries for the month of February… It was a bit over overambitious anyway. In fact I’m quite a bit over. I guess this isn’t all that upsetting as I’m still meeting the long-terms goals for my food budget as I wrote about on December 15th.

For two years I lived on a grocery budget of $50 per week, slowly that ballooned to about $80 a week and last December I decided to make a change. I wrote; “I’m trying to go with about $60 a week and I am thinking of bringing that back down to $50 a week once I get used to it again. Even though grocery prices have gone up in the past few years I think that with enough effort, watching sales and using coupons I should be able to bring the spending down significantly!”

So, while I did not reach my Shape up Challenge goal of $160, I did meet goals I set previously as I spent about $55 per week or a total of $220 for February. Surprisingly it hasn’t been all that hard! I’ve been eating quite well, I can still afford expensive items like almond butter and almond milk as well as nuts, which cost a fortune. I think that in the next few months I will be able to drop my grocery budget to the $50 I wrote about and subsequently to something like $45 a week. Maybe I’ll become a crazy coupon lady and save even more. Who knows. So that’s it for another week, how are you doing on your resolutions?

The other Challengers and their goals;
Serendipity @ Serendipity’s Guide to Saving – Lose 7 lbs, Workout 30 min 3x/week.
Heather @ Domestically Flawed
E.E. Musings @ Musings of an Abstract Aucklander – Run 2x/week, Grocery budget of $500/month
Girl Makes Cents – Increase strength, flexibility and maintain body weight
Life as a Purse – Lose 4 lbs, Workout 5x/week
The Lost Goat – Lose 4 lbs, Workout 6x/week
The Whole Guacamole – Build muscle, Increase Flexibility.

(Again, If I missed anyone please let me know!)

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2 thoughts on “Shape up for March-challenge, update #2

  1. Looks like you’re still keeping up on your goals even though you got sick. Losing weight always seems like its easier when you’re sick – you dont feel like eating much, so it’s not like youre going to gain weight that way.

    Also – the food budget is a very hard thing to set. For me, it seems like it depends on what you’re cooking that week and the amount of time you’ve got (so that you dont eat out). I’ve always tried to stabilize my food budget by eating the same thing at least once a week. It gets monotonous, but it keeps the budget somewhat stable month in and month out.


    1. Very true, sometimes I have a bit of an experimental phase of cheap home cooking, beans & rice baby! Other times my food bill is jacked up by buying more convenience foods like granola bars and prepackaged snacks or fancy cheese and fish. I’m still trying to find a balance

      Jello, chicken noodle soup and tea are working wonders for the waist line… lol!


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