Shape up for March-challenge, update #3

I’ve been participating in the Shape up for March challenge hosted by Serendipity over on Serendipity’s Guide to Saving. Today marks the end of week 3… only one more week until the challenge is over!

My goals are;
– a 4 lb weight loss over the course of the four weeks
– 3x gym per week and
– a $160 grocery budget for February.

Past week’s results
The past week was pretty good!   I lost another pound! I’ve now lost 3 pounds and am right on track for a 4 pound loss by the end of the challenge!

I still did not go to the gym though. As of today I’m still not 100% healthy after the flu-thing I had three weeks ago. There is still a lot of pressure on my sinuses and my energy levels aren’t what they should be either. I am gradually starting to feel better though so the end seems to be in sight. Meanwhile, I’ll just keep drinking tea and working lots… both seem to be contributing to my weight loss, that and the fact that my taste buds and sense of smell are on a spring break while this flu is still kicking around. Food just doesn’t taste the same… a big help when trying to lose weight.

As I mentioned last week I have also not been able to meet my goal of $160 in groceries for the month of February… It was a bit over overambitious anyway and I’ll be setting a new budget for March in my February break down, which I will post in its entirety in a few days. (And not half of it like I accidentally did a few days ago, oops!)

So I had three goals set and I’ve only managed to stay on track for one of them… it’s the most important one though, the actual losing of weight. Still a little bummed about the other two. Aw well, that’s it for me. I will be trying hard again this week!

I’m not sure everyone that joined at the start is still active, but this is the original list of challengers;

The other Challengers and their goals;
Serendipity @ Serendipity’s Guide to Saving – Lose 7 lbs, Workout 30 min 3x/week.
Heather @ Domestically Flawed
E.E. Musings @ Musings of an Abstract Aucklander – Run 2x/week, Grocery budget of $500/month
Girl Makes Cents – Increase strength, flexibility and maintain body weight
Life as a Purse – Lose 4 lbs, Workout 5x/week
The Lost Goat – Lose 4 lbs, Workout 6x/week
The Whole Guacamole – Build muscle, Increase Flexibility.

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2 thoughts on “Shape up for March-challenge, update #3

  1. Congrats on meeting your goals. Even though you feel like you havent made much progress, you have. Its always the hardest part to lose weight – but if you find success in that early, it could increase your motivation to go to the gym and keep it off. Will you be doing the same thing in march?


  2. Thanks! Yep, I def. hope to keep going. I’m getting antsy to get back to the gym. I’m also thinking about buying a bicycle in a month or two.. not sure yet. I was thinking of writing a blog post about it seeking advice. (Know anything about bikes?) I live close to a nice trail and I can actually bike to my office pretty easily (with the exception of the big hill I live on, have to work on my cardio!)

    I wanted to loose about 10 pounds in total… so def. going to continue what I started with this challenge in March with keeping the food budget down, trying to work out and losing another few pounds.


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