Tax refund! (and other life/debt-related musings)

Woah, I was majorly surprised this afternoon when I checked my bank account and noticed this; What’s going on with that? I guess I shouldn’t complain but the worrier in me is immediately suspicious that there’s some sort of mistake and they’ll take it back tomorrow, highly unlikely of course. I ended up with aboutContinue reading “Tax refund! (and other life/debt-related musings)”

How interest is crippling your wealth building efforts.

If you’re new here – consider subscribing to this blog by filling in your email in the sidebar -> I’ve also joined Twitter, you can subscribe to my twitter feed here! You’ll get updates as they’re posted without having to come check in daily, pretty easy right!? – Andrea One of the cardinal rules toContinue reading “How interest is crippling your wealth building efforts.”

If I had a million dollars… well not quite.

This is a fun one, I saw that Money Rabbit posted this on Thursday inspired by Give Me Back My five Bucks’ What I would do if I won 1 million – 4 years later. What would I do with a hundred grand? I of course immediately began mentally listing the ways I would distributeContinue reading “If I had a million dollars… well not quite.”

Living within your means – stillness

It’s been a quiet week all around for me, I’ve been working a lot of hours but other than that… not much going on especially financially. [outdated url removed February 25, 2014] When I was still in high school my dad taught me how to use online banking and I’ve been keeping iron-grip-tabs on myContinue reading “Living within your means – stillness”

Shape Up for March-challenge, Final Results

For the past four weeks I’ve been participating in a weight-loss challenge hosted by Serendipity and today marks the last day of the challenge. You can find the other weeks here; Intro, Week 1, Week 2 and Week 3. My goals were to; – lose 4 lbs over the course of the four weeks –Continue reading “Shape Up for March-challenge, Final Results”

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