February breakdown

February was such a good month financially that I don’t want it to be over! Otherwise though I am immensely thankful that February is gone. The amount of snow on the ground here right now is just incredible, I can only remember one other time in the past ten years that we’ve had so much bad weather and snow on the ground here in the Maritimes (Eastern Canada); White Juan. I actually had to spend some time shovelling parts of my roof yesterday because the layer of snow was getting too thick. Now that’s exercise! Back to the finances.

These were my goals for February:
$100 blow money I didn’t make this goal, not even close… I’m not sure if I’m just setting my goal way too low or if I need to tighten the proverbial (money)belt. I don’t feel like I spend all that much on myself? This category included a really bad haircut that I ended up fixing myself, a few books, a gift, tickets for a winter festival for two people and a few entertainment related expenses. Little expenses do add up I guess! I ended up spending $239.81 in Blow Money.
– $75 to my E-fund Done! Actual figure: $80.55
– $825+ to my Student Loan Done! Actual figure: $1,100.06
– $125 extra mortgage payment (experiment) Done! I have made 7 mortgage prepayments so far, 6 of $100 and 1 of $125 and I’ve knocked a total 15 months off my way-too-long-30-year-mortgage.

February Pie

I also wrote and told you about my change of plans with regards to my goals, I am now focusing fully on paying off my Student Loan which is going well! I’m quite a bit ahead of my end of year goal of <$10,000 but the year is just starting so we’ll see what else this year is going to throw at me.

The March-plan;
– $200 blow money
– $50 to E-fund
– $850+ Student Loan
– $200 grocery budget

My blow money category is double last months but still less than what I’ve actually been spending the last three months so I feel this is a realistic goal. For my student loan  I have the same goal as last month. The spring usually brings a bunch of house related expenses for me and since March will be the last full month of winter I hope to put as much as possible towards my student loan. For my grocery budget I aimed for $160 last month, which was obviously too ambitious. I ended up spending $220 on groceries (60 on eating out) and plan to try to cut $20 to reach my $200 goal for this month.

All in all, not bad! It feels good to be ahead of the game for a bit, so if i do get hit some bumps in the road I will be able to cope without throwing off all my goals for the year, good stuff. How was February for you?

Published by Renée

I write about my life, travel and my financial up and downs on my blog, Nickel By Nickel, while contradicting myself daily. ;)

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