Am I still kickin’ those habits?

A few months ago I wrote two posts. One of them was about the amount of tv-watching I do and the other one was money-related; the amount I spent on coffees and teas.

I called those articles Kicking Bad Habits and there will be more parts to this series in the future. (stay tuned!) It seems that I’m working on a total overhaul of my life. Since beginning to blog I have learned a lot and I’ve worked on myself quite a bit too. I guess it’s only natural that while I’m in the midst of a total money make over other areas of my life are also influenced, mostly for the better! I’m living intentionally, spending my time and money on the things that are important to me. I’m not just watching life go by anymore like I have at times. It’s a great feeling.

It’s been just about two months since I wrote and posted the first two articles in this series so I figured an update was in order to see how things are going.

First of all, kicking my TV-habit

I wrote: 
“I am frustrated because I am noticing that I am being sucked in to wasting endless hours glued to a box that contributes nothing to my life, to my wellbeing or to my intelligence, which is what this post is about: Television isn’t something I need, I can very happily be more productive and do without it. There are actually very few things I watch that contribute in a positive way to my life.
” and in short, I basically quit cold-turkey. I still watch TV, I still follow a few shows. Some bad, some good but TV no longer consumes my life and my time like it used to. Actually I wouldn’t mind eventually going TV-less completely. As long as I’ve got Internet I’m a pretty happy camper. I am so happy that I made this change in my life. I still spend the occasional afternoon or weekend glued to the TV, catching up on a few shows or having a movie marathon and that’s okay!  I just don’t want to be one of those people who watch and average of x hours per day of television, I don’t want to even do the math on what that translates to in lost productivity.

So I’m doing pretty good on this one, I’ll keep you posted later in the year how it’s going though. It’s so easy to slip up.

On to the second bad habit, excessive tea and coffee buying

(See below for IMG source)

I actually clued into this issue thanks to a comment left on my blog. I hadn’t really fully realized previously what the impact of this habit was until I sat down and realized I wanted to change it. I wrote:
“This coffee/tea buying habit has really crept up on me. 4 years ago I would have never imagined myself buying at a coffee shop this often! As much as I love the convenience, it’s wasteful of my money and wasteful to the environment. I can make tea at home and throw it into one of the four (!!) insulated travel mugs sitting in my cupboard.” which is exactly what I did. I hit the mother of all tea sales a few weeks ago and stocked up on all my favourite teas. Some chamomile, some herbal and caffeine free and of course Chai. I have almost completely stopped buying tea and coffee at the shop. I do admit I have bought a few since I wrote the article, but less than I can count on one hand!

I’ve also not really suffered any caffeine withdrawal. As I mentioned in the original article I’ve never really been addicted to the caffeine in the drinks, I don’t  drink coffee every day and I  generally prefer herbal teas which must have helped. Aside from coffee and tea I am also an avid water-drinker. I don’t buy any type of juice or juice mix, ever. (stems from my childhood years, water drinking is something I grew up with) My last metal bottle lasted a full year until it was completely wore out and the top broke off. I got a new one and the thing accompanies me every where. It’s sitting next to my keyboard, as a matter of fact. The reason I always have water with me now is because a friend mentioned to me that muscle cramps can be associated with dehydration after I mentioned I get Charley-horses quite frequently at night. I’ve had a metal water bottle at my side since that conversation and have only had one half-hearted Charley-horse since. I am of course not sure if there is any medical basis for this or if it’s all in my head but I think it’s interesting.

The conclusion is that all-in-all I’m about 95% successful at kicking those habits! What about you, did I inspire you to make a change or has someone else inspired a great change in you? Was it a book, a quote, a person?

*IMG Source here.

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5 thoughts on “Am I still kickin’ those habits?

  1. I like the purple background on the blog! I hope that’s new.. Otherwise, I’m just a really unobservant reader! 🙂

    Great job kickin’ your habits! I had the same TV problem not too long ago. I had sold/donated all of my DVDs, which used to take up a good portion of my day. Instead of moving on to non-TV activities, I would plop down on the couch at the end of the day and “unwind” by watching SIX HOURS of really bad TV. I would watch TV until Mr. Red got home from work. Ridiculous.

    I now watch three TV shows each week, and that’s it. If I have a minute or want to unwind, I do it with Netflix. I’d still like to add up the time I spend with Netflix in a week to see how I’m *really* doing (if I just switched from TV to Netflix, I didn’t do what I meant to do), but I feel much better about how I spend my time now. 🙂


  2. Congrats on the success! I had those same issues as well – I thought I was watching too much tv (and paying too much for it) so I got rid of it. I still watch a few shows on Hulu, but it’s much more difficult to sit around and say “oh, Ive got nothing to do, whats on tv”. With hulu, I’ve got to find something that I want to watch and watch it, which takes far more effort.


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