Having fun doesn’t have to cost a lot

I had the most amazing evening Friday and it cost me absolutely nothing! I’ve busted my budget enough this month so that’s a great thing. I’ve had conversations with people before where they lament how entertainment can be so expensive.. but you know what, you can have fun year-round while spending very little if anythingContinue reading “Having fun doesn’t have to cost a lot”

Kicking bad habits, Part 3: Potty mouth

Sidenote; If you have sensitive ears, err eyes. You should probably skip this post. This post is part of a series of posts called Kicking Bad Habits in which I make every effort to pursue never-ending self-improvement. In part 1 I decided to quit wasting time on TV. In part 2 I decided to quitContinue reading “Kicking bad habits, Part 3: Potty mouth”

Quarterly money check-up and other musings

I know I know I haven’t updated as faithfully as usual in the last two weeks, like I said on Sunday; I’ve been ridiculously busy! On the upside I’ve got some inspiration for new stuff and have made some changes to the blog,  mainly in the sidebar.   Update: I made changes in the sidebar andContinue reading “Quarterly money check-up and other musings”

No longer doing the cheque-to-cheque dance

It happened only very recently that I realized things aren’t as tight around here anymore. I realized,  I could survive missing a pay cheque! This doesn’t mean there’s much money in my bank account, in fact it’s mostly sitting at $0 because I dump every extra penny on my student loan when I get theContinue reading “No longer doing the cheque-to-cheque dance”

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