Budgeting FUN stuff

I would NEVER be doing all of this crazy money mumble jumble if I didn’t get to have some fun. I gotta say, December through March were TIGHT. I paid of a nice chunk of debt, I hoarded cash like crazy but then it was time to let loose a little.

My neat little budget program YNAB tells me I spent money on a new bike and about half a new wardrobe, badly needed as I realized when I started sorting out my summer & winter stuff, but back to the bike:

I met a great guy through work recently who reminded me once again how badly I’ve wanted a bike. I really want to be able to throw it on the back of the car and check out the awesome scenery around here. I love nature and all things of beauty, I’ve wanted a bike for years but with moving away in 2006, then moving home and going through a lot of crazy stuff (ending a relationship, buying a house, going broke) … it’s only now that my life is settling that that desire has popped up again.

I had my eye on a Schwinn Hydra (a hybrid bike) when I discovered a women’s bike in my parents shed that belonged to one of my siblings. Go figure. Turns out that bike is actually a really decent bike, a 2004 Gary Fisher in metallic blue & silver.


Yeah, she’s a bit older, not the newest model in the line-up obviously but I got her for a great deal ($120 beans to be precise) and had it tuned up at a local bike-shop. I could have done some of this myself but since it’s been so long since I’ve touched a bike I left this one to the pros, especially since it was covered in about 6 years worth of dust.

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After a thorough cleaning, new brakes, grips, new saddle and some air in the tires the bike came out like new and she rides beautifully. I can’t wait to get some good use out of it! It’s not the bike I wanted, being used to the plain, old style European bikes I was really hoping to get on a hybrid instead of a mountain bike but after the tune-up I am very happy with the suspension and the way it rides. Awesome! I haven’t rode much yet but that will change as the weather keeps improving.

So, what have you splurged on lately? I definitely have to tighten the belt again, hehe…. I let loose there for a bit…

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I write about my life, travel and my financial up and downs on my blog, Nickel By Nickel, while contradicting myself daily. ;)

5 thoughts on “Budgeting FUN stuff

  1. I like your bike. It is nice to have splurges every once in a while and bike is definitely a good one. I can’t wait to have nicer weather to get out on our bikes.


  2. I’ve been thinking to myself lately that I need to tighten the belt again as I have spoiled myself a few times this month! I bought myself a Kicthenaid Mixer as well as a new bike and a few misc. things for my house.

    Love that bike by the way!


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