Kicking bad habits, Part 3: Potty mouth

Sidenote; If you have sensitive ears, err eyes. You should probably skip this post.

This post is part of a series of posts called Kicking Bad Habits in which I make every effort to pursue never-ending self-improvement. In part 1 I decided to quit wasting time on TV. In part 2 I decided to quit wasting money on buying stuff like coffee and tea at the coffee shop and in an update found here I updated you on how quitting those first two habits was going.  In my third and last post on this subject I wrote “I’m living intentionally, spending my time and money on the things that are important to me. I’m not just watching life go by anymore like I have at times. It’s a great feeling.”

Since it’s been oh about 6-7 weeks since that update I’m thinking of adding something to the mix of bad habits I’m quittin’: Cursing.

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Now, before you all think I’m really lame… I have no intention of turning into a Disney princess or anything like that but my language could use some cleaning up.

I don’t ‘take the name of the Lord in vain’, uh, ever. (I never utter any variation of damn, God, darn or any of those combined) but I’ve been known to say fuck, shit and bullshit, or a variation of those.

Also regularly found in my vocabulary when I’m frustrated are phrases like OMG (I’m hip, yo) and some sort of combination of word that include freaking, crap this or that and/or stupid.

Now before everyone thinks I sound like a rapper, or you know someone who curses a lot, I don’t. But I do sometimes use phrasing that I’m not proud of and that’s not so sexy when I’m angry, frustrated, depressed, driving… etc. I wasn’t raised like that and when it happens when I’m around someone who really knows me they just raise their eyebrows and go “Say wha?’. You see what I mean? My language use doesn’t jive with the essence of me.

Time to clean up my language. It’s not who I am and I have no idea how that stuff sneaked into my vocabulary. As a person who actually enjoys writing I’m sure I can find better ways to express myself. Like the other bad habits I’m working on I’m taking the same approach here. I’m putting my foot down and quitting. Pretty simple. From this point forward I will put in every effort to clean up my language and find other better ways to express my frustrations.

Check back in the future to find out how I’m doing! Any tips for me? Have you quit anything recently, smoking, junk food… cursing? I’d love to hear your experiences!

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5 thoughts on “Kicking bad habits, Part 3: Potty mouth

  1. Good luck – I think about this sometimes, but then realize that it’s simply a part of who I am. Good luck with this though – if youre looking for tips (and a great way to save) I suggest a swear jar.
    everytime you let a word slip you’re not proud of, toss an amount of money in the jar – maybe a dollar (or 5 if you really want to quit)
    you can put the money in savings/towards debt, and you’ll break a habit.


  2. I swear quite a lot, and I’m okay with it. As long as it’s not in front of my parents. Curses get thrown around at work, and maybe it’s not “ladylike”, but I don’t think anyone has ever accused me of that.


    1. And that’s cool too! Don’t change what you don’t want to change. Everyone is different…:p the thing is it’s not okay at my work, or at home and I’m not comfortable with what slips out of my mouth the odd time. I don’t curse much but when I started noticing that I’m slipping @ work I realized it was prob time to clean it up a little. :p


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