Following your heart’s desire.

Occasionally I am prone to rants, actually… frequently but I usually restrain myself. Hehe. Serendipity wrote about going to NY in which she linked to this post on Thousandaire, which led me to write todays article . I’ve been going through a period of… self discovery? these last few months. I haven’t been sure howContinue reading “Following your heart’s desire.”

Just a little credit repair can save a LOT of money – Guest Post

Today I’m posting this guest article written by Ed O’Brien over at As I stated in my last  post I’ve had a ton of drafts written up about stuff and one of my drafts related to what you’re about to read. When Ed contacted me about guest posting about repairing your credit I letContinue reading “Just a little credit repair can save a LOT of money – Guest Post”

Spending week 9! A belated spending report (May 9 – 15)

First things first: You may have noticed that my posts have been sporadic lately at best, I’m still posting about once a week but I’m not getting much quality content out there and I’m sorry for that. I have a midterm and a research paper due tomorrow on top of my full-time job. I feelContinue reading “Spending week 9! A belated spending report (May 9 – 15)”

At a crossroads… should I refinance?

This is my one-hundredth post! If you haven’t done so already please consider subscribing to my blog and checking me out on Twitter! Someone in my family is in the process of buying a house and in conversation I was asked how I have my mortgage set up, you know… the rate, terms etc. ItContinue reading “At a crossroads… should I refinance?”

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