Mixed emotions: It’s June!

This month went by seriously fast. I guess I’ve been pretty busy with taking two courses at the university, somehow staying on top of things at work  (just got a nasty email, ugh) and keeping on top of my finances and personal life. I dropped the ball on my finances this month, BIG time.

These were my goals for May:
– $400 Blow money FAIL I spent more like $623.52 on myself, that’s WAY way more than I should have. Granted, I bought a few things I sortof needed, but they could have waited. Like, did I really need new underwear this month when I was already buying kayaking stuff? Not really.
– $950+ Student Loan FAIL I only put a fraction on my student loan this month, around $200. This one isn’t entirely my fault. . I accidentally paid my property tax 3 weeks early, they were due in June not May. That ‘cost’ me $214 in debt repayment this month, but then on top of that I blew it in the blow money category (pun intended) Stupid me!
– $195 grocery budget SUCCESS!
I spent $175.08 on groceries, I had one week where my stomach was so queasy because I basically was an emotional wreck, so I didn’t want to go near food or shop for it. Saved me some money I guess!

I have mixed feelings about the past month: The big picture isn’t too bad, my net worth went up by $700+ and I lived within my means. However I consider this probably my worst month since I started budgeting last October because I just failed miserably in so many categories. I spent way too much on myself and I still have a vacation coming up and a ton of other stuff to do this summer! I think a portion of my spending was emotional, my best friend moved away and we had quite a few social occasions before she left. It was a difficult month.

Goals for June:
– $300 Blow Money
, must get this back under control, NOW
– $0 Grocery budget – that’s right! I have $200 in air miles gift-certificates sitting in my wallet, that’s all I’m allowing myself to spend on groceries this month
– $900 Student Loan (May change depending on what happens with my mortgage situation)
– $20,650 Net Worth as of July 1
– Isle de la Madeleine; Have a brilliant little vacation and pay for it all cash in the last week of the month

Well, that’s how my month went… how about yours?

Published by Renée

I write about my life, travel and my financial up and downs on my blog, Nickel By Nickel, while contradicting myself daily. ;)

4 thoughts on “Mixed emotions: It’s June!

  1. I had about the same time in may as you – a rather large fail. I havent been able to write about it yet, but hopefully I’ll have something to post next week. I’ve been traveling a lot for work lately, and I’m not used to it. I need to get used to it and quickly.


  2. To look on the bright side, your property taxes needed to be paid some time and they are already paid. Maybe you didn’t need new underwear but its one of those things that’s hard to hold off on. Also, your kayak purchases are one time purchases. You can enjoy your kayak the entire summer without spending any or much more.


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