NBN Fitness Challenge – Week 1 results… you ready?

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This fitness challenge runs from July 23 until August 20.

Week 1 results are in!

First, my personal goals during this challenge:
Increase strength & stamina as measured by moving along in the C25K program and lose 6 pounds, or 1.whatever pounds per week.

– run the c25k 3x weekly
– Spend 30 mins cycling weekly
– Swim 1x weekly
– Watch nutrition 5-6 days a week, 1 junk day allowed.

Today is weigh-in day for the NBN Fitness challenge and….  (drumroll please!)…  I didn’t lose anything. Zip. Zilch. I am noticing a difference in definition in my calves and my belt is getting roomy, I’ll have to punch an extra hole soon. Perhaps the weightloss will show up next week.

I was right on track with my runs this week, I did three runs and an additional fourth short jog, I cycled for 30 mins on wednesday and hit the pool thursday! Exercise-wise this week was a success! Food-wise, I’ve kept the calories under control, I certainly haven’t overeaten but I haven’t been able to cut down/eat as well as I wanted to so I feel like I just stayed the same. I also had two junk-days (or, more like regular days) instead of the planned one day… Self-control… ugh. How’d you all do?

Also doing the challenge:

– Spender’s Broke who is doing a Warrior dash on Sept 17th… WOW, that looks intense and awesome! She’s set up a program to train for this.
– Serendipity who is hoping to pick up some healthy habits (me too girl, me too!)
– Travis Pizel from Our Journey to Zero who’s participating in not one, but two challenges, I’d wish him luck but I don’t think he needs it 😉 since he’s been doing soooo awesome already!
– Jackie from the Debt Myth wants to increase her time spent in the pool
Maggie@SquarePennies challenged herself to exercise 6 days out of 7 during the challenge period.

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5 thoughts on “NBN Fitness Challenge – Week 1 results… you ready?

  1. Remember that muscle weighs more than fat tissue so focus on the fit of your clothing and look in the mirror rather than an arbitrary weight target. If you can measure body fat composition, that would be good as well.


    1. You are right, I’m going to ask about the body fat thing… I go to a university gym though but you never know, honestly I’m kind of scared to find out!


  2. Good job! When I used to go to bootcamp, they would discourage us from weighing ourselves because it was the inches that mattered and not the weight. The instructor said that lots of the time, people lose inches and barely lose pounds because they’re also putting on muscle.

    You’re doing more than you were before so it has to be working! Go Andrea!


  3. Great Job Andrea…keep doing what you’re doing and the results will follow! Saturday is my weigh in day, and I was down 1.4 pounds. Speaking of working out…time to go hit the gym… 😉 Thanks for the mention!


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