Spending Week 19 – was that all?

Three no spend days! Although… I’m not 100% sure on Sunday, memory is a little fuzzy. Hmm! I had no real expenses this week, just a few social occasions. If I had stayed home I would’ve spent no money at all this week but I’m obviously not going to start doing that. 😉

No Spend Day!

-$29.52 Movies + snacks for two
– $19.37 Subway dinner for two

– $27.39 Fish & Chips lunch for two
– $20.79 Silver earrings (BM)

– $5.00 Pool


No Spend Day!

– $6.00 Farmer’s Market
– $36.74 Running shorts -> Waste of money *sigh*

No Spend Day! (I think)

Income: +$0
Budgeted expenses: $87.28 I’m at the top of my eating out budget for the month now though.
Budgeted Blow Money: $20.79
Renovation: $0
OFF budget: $36.74

^This was a bummer, my running shorts were starting to ride up because [presumably] I’m slimming down (though I still can’t tell on the scale! BOO! I know I know muscle ways more than fat.)  The riding up is really annoying, chafing thighs anyone? So I picked up a set of Diadora running shorts… yeah total waste of money. I’ll be sending them a letter with what I think of their product. Total crap! Nike is still the love of my life with regards to workout gear, Lulu a close second but mostly because I can wear them while lounging around the house – being very lazy – yet still look attractive need I appear in public suddenly for any reason. (Canadian Business had a great article on ‘the Lulu cult’ recently)
Notes; BM=Blow Money

Not too bad of a week, this week I’m aiming for NO off-budget expenses! I’m still on track for my Sept 1st goal!

Published by Renée

I write about my life, travel and my financial up and downs on my blog, Nickel By Nickel, while contradicting myself daily. ;)

10 thoughts on “Spending Week 19 – was that all?

  1. Three no spend days…that’s great. And you are still on track for Sept 1…that is also great. I think you are doing well and should be proud of yourself. There are always those unexpected’s once in a while that you just have to deal with.


  2. Not only did you have 3 no spend days, but you only spent $140 bucks all week! Nice job – your financial progress indicators in the sidebar are all looking good!

    Ditto on the Nike workout clothes, but I will definitely have to try Lulu.


    1. Yes! You can also find really great deals in Lululemon outlets, I’m not sure where they are located.. I purchased a few things an an outlet mall in Orlando, FL last year… great deals and the product is good quality, lasts a long time, holds up well in the wash and looks great too! Really recommend it.


    1. No… I took the tags off, and used them… I discovered after a good run that they also ride up but the store where I bought them (Sportcheck) won’t take them since they’re used… understandable… but still crappy because I’m unhappy about the product and you don’t find this sort of stuff out until you actually wear it. Blah 😦


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