Week 3 – NBN Fitness challenge update

This fitness challenge runs from July 23 until August 20.

ripped! (that's not me, obviously)

Week 3 is over! I haven’t seen any updates from anyone else yet but here’s mine;

First, my personal goals during this challenge:
Increase strength & stamina as measured by moving along in the C25K program and lose 6 pounds, or 1.whatever pounds per week.

– run the c25k 3x weekly
– Spend 30 mins cycling weekly
– Swim 1x weekly
– Watch nutrition 5-6 days a week, 1 junk day allowed.

I weighed in on Saturday and… I lost 3 pounds! I’m now down to 152lbs.  The 140’s are in sight! I was hoping the weight-loss would show up eventually and so it did! I’ve also taken my measurements so I can stop being so frustrated with the scale – I’m delighted to report that according to Google (and my measurements) I have an hourglass shape. Fabulous! Haha. That helps with the negativity I felt after my ex told me I have ‘wide shoulders’ I know he meant well… but, yeah. Tell me something positive, you know? 🙂 (Don’t worry, I didn’t take it very seriously)

I am still  behind with my runs this week;  I did one Couch to 5k  and two short runs, I cycled for 45 mins once and 25 mins  and did not hit the pool at all.  Overall exercise  wise I didn’t have a great week, I’ve been very busy with work and getting ready for a final exam for a course that I may or may not pass. I am noticing a great increase in stamina, a short jog is no longer a chore, I don’t run out of breath as easily and I feel generally energetic and happy – the whole reason I’m doing this. Foodwise I did great! I kept things under control, ate lots of veggies and fruit and very little junk.  It helped that I finally did groceries

Also doing the challenge:

– Spender’s Broke who is doing a Warrior dash on Sept 17th
– Serendipity who is hoping to pick up some healthy habits who posted an update earlier this week that she’s shed a few pounds, awesome!
– Travis Pizel from Our Journey to Zero who’s participating in not one, but two challenges, he skipped last weeks weighin but reported a 0.4lb loss this week and is finally back into the 170’s, great work!
– Jackie from the Debt Myth wants to increase her time spent in the pool
Maggie@SquarePennies challenged herself to exercise 6 days out of 7 during the challenge period.

So, how did you all do? Ready for another week!? Last chance to give it your all as this is the LAST week of the challenge – although of course I hope you’ll hang onto healthy habits for life. 🙂

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7 thoughts on “Week 3 – NBN Fitness challenge update

  1. Congrats on your three pounds. That’s great. Remember all the small stuff adds up. 3 + 3 + 3 etc. You get my point. I am very happy for you. We just started a new level of our workout plan and I hoping it shaves off these last few pounds I have been trying to get rid of.


  2. Congrats on your progress. I’m trying to hard to climb the stairs in my building, I did it for a few days and then life got in the way. I need to go back. I’ll be watching your progress for sure.


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