Yakezie Blog swap #10 round-up

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This past week I participated in the  10th Yakezie Blog Swap where myself and other bloggers shared our Best Go Green Method To Save Money.  There’s a lot of links in this post to all the blogs and their respective swaps but there’s some great info to be had so check them out:

My own post over at Beating Broke on ebooks.

Everything Finance shares with us his success in growing his own veggies at Retire by 40.
Narrow Bridge Finance on how going green has saved him some green at Mom’s plans.
The 60K Project shares 8 ways she has made her kitchen green at Stock Market Basics.
One Cent at a Time shares 23 ways reusing household items can save you money at Sustainable Life Blog.
Prairie Eco-Thrifter (me) shares numerous recipes for making your own cleaning products at Financial Success for Young Adults.
Debt Eye tells us how to eliminate the paper trail at Little House in the Valley.
Sustainable Personal Finance tells us why air sealing your home is a good idea at Financially Consumed.
Stock Market Basics shares 5 ways to go green and save natural resources at Free Money Wisdom.
Financially Consumed tells how you can go green at home incrementally at Sustainable Personal Finance.
Little House in the Valley
shares how going car-lite can save money at Debt Eye.
Financial Success for Young Adults
shares how you can go green on a budget at Prairie Eco-Thrifter.
Sustainable Life Blog tells us to watch out for a leaky window at One Cent at a Time.
Free Money Wisdom shares why we should avoid country funds at 60K Project.
Mom’s Plans tells how we can eat green at Narrow Bridge Finance.
Retire by 40 shares how living in smaller home is green at Everything Finance.
Beating Broke
tells how cycling makes you green at Nickel by Nickel.


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