NBN Fitness challenge Final Results!

This fitness challenge ran from July 23 until August 20.

Well, the challenge is done so let’s see what we’ve accomplished. My goals during this challenge were:
Increase strength & stamina as measured by moving along in the C25K program and lose 6 pounds, or 1.whatever pounds per week.

– run the c25k 3x weekly
– Spend 30 mins cycling weekly
– Swim 1x weekly
– Watch nutrition 5-6 days a week, 1 junk day allowed.

The results:
I haven’t weighed in since last week, at that point I was at -3lbs and weighed 152lbs. I’ve decided not to weigh in again until three weeks from today. I do hope to shed another few pounds to hit my weight goal of 149 before my next vacation!

I reached week 7 day 1 of C25K and I’ve done great with my eating habits this week and the grocery bill is also exactly on track, but I’ve fallen completely off the wagon with going to the gym in the last week of the challenge. I haven’t been in a full week! Last week Monday I had a final exam for Statistics (If you’ve been reading along… I don’t do MATH, I love love love love personal finance and crunching math in relation to money… but x=y to the sum of alpha something… not my strength.) Anyway, so that kept me quite busy. Good news is that I passed the course! Woo!

As well, I have this renovation thing going on which is costing a lot of cash and time. I’m not doing the work myself, 95% of the exterior/framing is done by a contractor but I do have to be here, write cheques, be The Boss… so that’s stressful.  And with all that I just haven’t been to the gym. All in all I give myself a 6 out of 10 for this challenge. I lost 3 pounds, have stuck to the general idea of eating better and have been more active but I could have done better!

Also doing the challenge:

– Spender’s Broke who is doing a Warrior dash on Sept 17th
– Serendipity who is hoping to pick up some healthy habits who posted an update earlier this week that she’s shed a few pounds, awesome!
– Travis Pizel from Our Journey to Zero broke into the 170’s during this challenge great work!
– Jackie from the Debt Myth wants to increase her time spent in the pool
Maggie@SquarePennies challenged herself to exercise 6 days out of 7 during the challenge period.

So, how did you all do? What were your results?

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14 thoughts on “NBN Fitness challenge Final Results!

  1. Wwwwwooooohhhhoooo for you C25K progress! Do you feel like your running has improved? I still think you’ve done a great job. You’re balancing life and construction and that’s no easy task.

    I’ve yet to update my progress, but will, hopefully, today.


    1. yes it definitely has! Before I would be completely out of breath after 5 minutes and I would quit… now I’ve actually made it for 25 minutes straight without stopping. Look forward to seeing how you’ve done


  2. Great job on your progress, Andrea…keep at it! I lost a few pounds, but the main accomplishment is that I’m still motivated to one day make that wii fit not call me fat. That day is coming soon, I know it. This is one of the longest I’ve been on a full fledged, all out fitness kick (almost 8 complete months). Normally by now I’d be starting to stumble and head in the wrong direction for awhile. Not this time…I’m as determined as ever.

    Thanks for your fitness challenge to keep me motivated!


  3. Woot! I was able to keep my 3lbs at bay and I’m going to take it, simply because if I lost 3lbs every month, by the end of the year I’d be down 36lbs. Good job!


  4. I swear I wrote a comment already. Congrats on finishing your challenge. I think you did really well. Things take time and you still made progress in the right direction. You should be proud of yourself for staying motivated until the end.


  5. It sounds like you are making great progress. I know what it’s like to try to work out with a bunch of other priorities in your life. You are doing great!


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