My problem with the Occupy-whatever movement.

Disclaimer: there may be the occasional drip of sarcasm in the following post. I couldn’t help myself. You’ve all hear of it by now and if not I’m sure you’ve caught a few glimpses on TV or on the radio or hey, maybe there’s even been an Occupy-whatever where you live and maybe you’ve attendedContinue reading “My problem with the Occupy-whatever movement.”

Woohoo! A very late third quarter update and some kicking-student-loan-ass.

I set yearly, monthly, quarterly (first and second quarter found here)  and sometimes also weekly goals. While beginning to write a jubilous post about my student loan progress (I’ll get to that shortly here) I realized I never posted my third quarter update! My goals for 2011 and my progress so far: 1. To completeContinue reading “Woohoo! A very late third quarter update and some kicking-student-loan-ass.”

A little house in progess… part #2

You can find previous post on my big-little house renovation here, here  and here. I know you’ve been loving the pics and I’ve been wanting to post more but it’s really slow going because the construction season is coming to an end and contractors are quite busy around here so I’m spending a lot ofContinue reading “A little house in progess… part #2”

Observations while traveling; Think outside the box!

Three weeks ago I was midway through my trip to the Netherlands (my home) and Denmark. During that time I did a bit of internet surfing and posted this on a forum I post on regularly; I’m happy, happy, happy. I’m free. These past few years have been a period of major ups and downsContinue reading “Observations while traveling; Think outside the box!”

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