October Link-Love


Spread some lurve
Spread some lurve

Happy thanksgiving my fellow Canadians, I hope you are able to enjoy the day doing what you love!

Check out these great posts from my fellow Yakezie group 5 members:

Your education has failed you on Frugal Beautiful, a great article on thinking outside the box. And a related post; The 10 Worst Paying Degrees of 2011 on Not Made of Money.

Check out this article, appropriately titled It’s Probably About Time To Grow The Fuck Up by Evan from My Journey To Millions, I love the occasional rant and this one is spot on!

Help Jen decide how to spend her extra dollars, vote here; Tell Me How To Spend My Money #2

Sustainable PF had a pretty awesome announcement recently; Big (lil’) NEWS!

The evils of debt add up fast on My Multiple Streams

I attended a local Occupy Wallstreet meeting this weekend, unfortunately it apeared to me that most of the meeting was consumed by ranting against ‘the rich’ and ‘corporations’ and a person who was pushing a white guilt agenda. As pointed out by Hunter of Financially consumed in this article, “Sure, it’s sensational to focus on the super-wealthy and highlight the vast differences between their net-worth compared to the bottom 50%, it’s huge and will grab the media spotlight. But, this inequality is a symptom of the current economic malaise, not the cause. If the economy was growing there would be more opportunities for everyone.” I have mixed feelings about this issue.

Should you buy or rent? (Calculator + infographics) on Wealth Informatics

The Questions you never want to ask  on Daily money Shot

Last but not least check out the KC Awards: Clone Wars Edition on Krant Cents (gotta love those Star Wars references!)

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7 thoughts on “October Link-Love

    1. No I didn’t, it was a very small meet. Probably about 12-14 of us sitting outside a coffee shopping just talking about what we could do. Unfortunately to me it felt the discussion was lacking direction and it seemed mostly frustration was being vented at ‘the big bad rich people’. I come from humble beginnings and my family has clawed their way up, to me it feels like standing around whining at ‘evil corporations’ is just a feeling of misplaced injustice.

      I think I will attend the next meeting to see where it goes, unfortunately I’m getting some major socialism-vibes from this group and I’m a more of a capitalist so I’m not sure how long I will be able to be silent and I’m guessing I will be the odd one out. I just want people to get off their butts, become aware of the world around them and freaking DO SOMETHING – which is why I attended the meeting. We’ll see where this goes, interesting for sure!


  1. Cool that you went out and tried to find some like-minded people. I bet if you spoke up, you’d find that there are people thinking how you are. The problem is, it would help if anyone had a clear course of action or set of demands – I think maybe people would rally to a more defined cause. Right now, it seems the Occupy movement is united by discontent, with little answer to how that discontent can be assuaged.


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