Observations while traveling; Think outside the box!

Three weeks ago I was midway through my trip to the Netherlands (my home) and Denmark. During that time I did a bit of internet surfing and posted this on a forum I post on regularly;

I’m happy, happy, happy. I’m free.

These past few years have been a period of major ups and downs for me. Part of this has been due to my finances and what I did with them, and part of it has been my relationships and emotional well-being. I’ve learned a lot about myself this past while and I have also learned more about what  is truly important to me.

If you are among the people I love, my friends and family, I will travel to the ends of the earth to come find you, to see you, to be with you and to help you. And a $1000 plane ticket really isn’t an issue to me, these things are important. That’s who I am. I realized a long time ago that not everyone is like that and I was freshly reminded of it on my recent trip:

The Netherlands is a very densely populated country, 16.7 million people at a density of 402.2 per km2. Compare that to Canada with 34.6 million people at a density of 3.41 per km2. There are only 10 countries with a lower density than Canada. Yowza. In the Netherlands cities are densely populated and you can find everything you could possibly need in a radius of about 100km. There is no need to travel for 30 minutes by car to go do your groceries like many people here in Canada do. Specialty stores furniture, groceries, any type of house, zoos, entertainment. You can find EVERYTHING nearby.

While I was travelling I was all over the place, I had no issues hopping on a train for two hours to go see my grandparents for an afternoon. My concept of distance is quite different compared to some other people. I noticed that some of my friends and family looked at me quite oddly, they had no desire to travel outside of their little circle. It was a hassle, as soon as the subject came up there would be sighs and immediately the eyebrows frowned and… man, how difficult!

What’s my point? I realized that I lived like that for a while and it really wasn’t making me happy, I did what was expected of me, I stayed inside my little circle instead of doing what I wanted and what I thought was right, it made me freaking miserable. Some call that selfish, I call that a movement of independent thinking. I’ve since turned myself around and I’m accomplishing things and doing things that are better for me and my family.

I want you to open your eyes, look outside yourself and think outside the box. How are you ever going to REALLY live and really be free if anything outside your circle is immediately considered a difficult undertaking?

I know I can’t live like that! It’s a big freaking world, there are so many opportunities to be had, so many things to see and experience.

If you aren’t happy in your current situation, DO SOMETHING about it. If you want to travel, DO IT. Hell, chat me up and maybe I’ll come with you.

Published by Renée

I write about my life, travel and my financial up and downs on my blog, Nickel By Nickel, while contradicting myself daily. ;)

10 thoughts on “Observations while traveling; Think outside the box!

  1. Glad that you had such a good time – I feel much like you do. I dont mind traveling constantly to visit friends and family and dont care about the long distances – it’s worth it to me to see my friends. Even though I’ve traveled a lot this summer, I wouldnt take any of it back or trade it.


    1. I agree. Travel is always worth it because the memories you have later are worth it. Glad to hear you had so much fun. I also love to travel. My issue is funding it. This year we are going to try to make it to Africa. I am very excited.


  2. Thanks for the inspiring post! Glad you had a great travel experience. I love to travel also, it always opens my eyes and injects much needed enthusiasm.


  3. I am with you I don’t mind driving to see someone, but The Wife hates it so it often causes a few speedbumps.

    Glad you are coming into your own…life is way too short to be miserable!


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