Goals for the week.

Goal setting is a great way to work toward achieving something. Usually I set monthly financial goals but this week I want to set a few just to get me through to the end of the month.

1. No spending on clothes. I have a $30 giftcard burning a hole in my pocket, I’m going to save it because I don’t need clothes right now and it would be nice to spend it on a cute top for the holidays instead.

2. No house spending; no picture frames, decorations, bedlinens, potted plants or other nonsense. I’m usually pretty good in this category but with the new renovation I’m noticing I’m constantly on the lookout for new furniture and stuff to decorate with even though I don’t need anything. I don’t want to budge under the self-imposed pressure!

3. No more spending on groceries; I just did groceries yesterday.  I’ve still got $20 left in my eating out category but my grocery spending budget is now maxed, also I’ve got enough supplies to make decent meals for the next week if I actually try so there is no need for me to be going grocery shopping!

I’m setting these goals because I want to make a new effort at getting rid of my student loan. Progress has been slow these past two months with all my expenditures and going on vacation, it’s time to get rid of the beast once and for all and one way to do that is by putting every available penny on it and not spending anything I don’t have to.

Eck! Darn you student loan, I will get you below $5,000 by October 31st. :@

Published by Renée

I write about my life, travel and my financial up and downs on my blog, Nickel By Nickel, while contradicting myself daily. ;)

8 thoughts on “Goals for the week.

  1. I am so close to over my food budget for the month too! (Actually, I checked on it before the weekend. Now I am probably over already) So no groceries for me either!

    Good luck on your goals. Getting the loan under $5,000 will feel so good!


  2. Looks like you’re trying to cut your spending…I’m good at pointing the obvious. Stay committed, you’ll get there.


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