Holiday Link-love (for my American friends!) and a few changes around NbN

If you enjoy this post, don’t forget to subscribe to my feed for instant updates! While our American friends enjoy their thanksgiving dinners here in  Canada we still have a stretch to go to the next holiday. Christmas has really snuck up on me this year, I haven’t done ANY preparation with regards to gifts,Continue reading “Holiday Link-love (for my American friends!) and a few changes around NbN”

My studentloan; The final frontier!

Sorry for the lack of blog-updates these past two weeks. Work has been rather crazy and I’ve had a stomach-bug so I haven’t done much besides work and spend a lot of time in bed! Back to business today though starting with my student loan! As of today I owe $3,393.41 since beginning to tackleContinue reading “My studentloan; The final frontier!”

October review & November goals

November marks a bunch of deadlines for me. Today I’m reviewing my goals for the month of October and will be setting new goals for the month of November.  I posted my third quarter stats for the year this week, set some weekly goals for the past week, and November also marks my first FULLContinue reading “October review & November goals”

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