February recap and March goals (and dresses and jackets and SHOES)

February is allllmooost over, whew! Do you like winter? I prefer any of the three other seasons to winter (which means I probably live on the wrong piece of the planet) I should warn the guys out there that this post includes more than the usual dose of femaleness. (As in, I go nuts on clothing and SHOES, oh the shoes…) Without further ado:

My financial goals for February were:
1 – Put $167 into my RRSP – FAIL, I added $100 but I have big plans for this in March!
2 – Transfer $450 to my emergency fundDONE! Fully funded mini-emergency fund of $1,000.
3 – Transfer $125 to my misc savingsFAIL, didn’t even look at this account
4 –  An extra payment on my mortgage of $100DONE! For the 20th month in a row. 🙂
5 – $25k networth by March 1st – DONE! Reached on February 24th thanks to filling up my mini-efund
6 – $175 in blow money. FAIL Observe: 

My favourite jeans broke, I wore a hole in them and they were no longer fit for wearing in public, so I went jean shopping… found superawesome jeans that I bought. ($88) But then I also found this dress ($69)


And it fit so perfect that I picked it up, and a red top ($19.99) Red is my favourite colour. And then I bought a cheap spring jacket in bright blue, a little more daring than my usual style but I thought it was hip ($25) and a cute blue sparkly top for the summer ($25).

and that is not me

Moving on… My mother came home two weeks ago talking about a shoe sale… so I went shoeshopping. *ahem* I picked up a pair of Sofft flats and heels (so they’re actually comfortable, quality shoes that I will wear versus the crap heels that hurt my feet and I pretend I wear them) and also bought these Geox wedges:

I've been wearing them around the house dreaming of summer...

So my blow money spending totalled about uhhh $700 for the month on everything from coffees to breakfast to eating out a few times to moviedates with my friends… ah and shoes, that and the clothing took up most of my blow money to the tune of $460-something.

Somehow I still managed to make my budget work! I sold a few things for the declutter challenge and at the end of the month my budget tells me I balanced, no overspending… Looks like I’m actually learning my limits? Hmm!

Life goals for February:
1 – 3 weeks of NHS Couch 2 5K podcasts – complete FAIL, I did two runs and haven’t been back since, I’ve also still been eating rather horribly but I am making an attempt at writing down what I eat the past few days.
2 – Groceries and eating out. FAIL! I more than doubled my planned expenses on eating out: $202.19 but stayed within budget on my groceries at about $100, with the giftcards I still have for next month my grocery budget should be a breeze because in March I vow to do better.

I think it’s obvious why I failed so many of my goals…. shoes… clothes…. so, March will be different! I have some pretty straightforward goals:

Financial goals for March:
1. $500 to my RSP
2. $175 blow money, $20 gifts, $20 clothing (I kid myself when I put $0 in that category)
3. The usual $100 extra payment on my mortgage +$150 extra, I do after all have a target of $5000 in prepayments to reach for 2012! 

Life goals for March:
1. Eat better
2. Drink 2liters of water a day
3. Make it to the gym at least 5 times
4. Hit the pool or a fitness class ONCE

That’s it for me! How did you do this month?

Published by Renée

I write about my life, travel and my financial up and downs on my blog, Nickel By Nickel, while contradicting myself daily. ;)

13 thoughts on “February recap and March goals (and dresses and jackets and SHOES)

  1. I love the blue jacket. Where did you get it? Also, I find this time when I'm looking forward to spring to be the hardest with not buying any new clothes. I get in spring mode and I am eager to dress for it.


    1. Bluenotes, and I think that's exactly my problem… all the new clothing in the stores and now that I have a little bit more freedom because my student loan is gone… I think i've got spring fever.


  2. Although I don't share your enthusiasm for shopping, kudos on achieving the goals you reached in Feb.! Just think, March offers you a whole new month to achieve the others goals you are aspiring towards. Best of luck…


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