Second quarter update – Checking in with my 2012 goals.

One of the primary reasons I maintain this blog is reaching my financial goals and having some public accountability… I also hope that along the way you may pick up things I’ve learned and be able to use them in your own life. I posted a handful of goals for 2012 in late December last year, I like to post quarterly updates on how I’m progressing throughout the year and the first quarter update can be found here. 

I am going to keep this update short and sweet by just listing and marking my goals and whether or not I’m on target with them.

1. My first goal; make an extra $30k. Failing. ($264.40 for the year)
2. Save $4,000. Done. Check the sidebar!! ——->
3. Invest $2,000 Done. (see more here)
4. Prepay mortgage $5,000. Very much behind at just over $300.
5. Pay off my student loan. Done (click here to read more about that.)
6. Renovate my bathroom. Project on hold (click here to understand why) I’m starting to build a deck this week instead (pics to follow soon!) and depending on what the rest of the year brings I may be able to do the bathroom!
7. Graduate! On target
8. Attend Fincon12 On target
9. Travel On target (FINCON12 in September, perhaps another trip?)

So far there is only one goal that I am fairly certain I will not reach and that is goal #1, making an additional $30k was a bit of a reach but I’m still a little bummed because it would have been a cool thing to accomplish. The other goal that’s falling behind rapidly is prepaying my house debt and there are several reasons for this, the primary one is that I’m really loving building my savings and that I’ve very recently decided my first and foremost goal right now is to build up a full emergency fund (here is why)  After killing my student loan I’m a little debt-fatigued (Yeah, first-world problems, I sound ridiculous) and I’ve just been making the minimum payments on my house-debt.

Right now, four out of nine goals are completed!

How are your 2012 goals and resolutions coming along?

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I write about my life, travel and my financial up and downs on my blog, Nickel By Nickel, while contradicting myself daily. ;)

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