And then she got back into the investing game.

Between my escapades with credit-card debt, house debt, car debt, school debt and savings I’ve never really been in the investing game. (That brief affair with mutual funds excluded) There was always other important things to focus on but I now know, I’m not going to be a millionaire unless I make my money workContinue reading “And then she got back into the investing game.”

Eliminating pesky service and withdrawal fees (and why you should too)

Fees, fees, fees! Gosh I hate fees! I used to pay a lot more of them than I do now and I’m on a mission to eliminate any and all fees. I don’t like fees, and yes, yea I am cheap. Things I used to do  (and maybe you did too, or maybe this is tillContinue reading “Eliminating pesky service and withdrawal fees (and why you should too)”

Accepting who you are.

Getting yourself together financially, emotionally, physically is hard. Sometimes I receive comments from people that read this blog that really make me stand still and think at time when I’m feeling less than cheerful. Between my struggles over the past year, getting my shit together financially, trying to finish my degree and generally juggling lifeContinue reading “Accepting who you are.”

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