Accepting who you are.

Too early for fall colours? Nah!

Getting yourself together financially, emotionally, physically is hard. Sometimes I receive comments from people that read this blog that really make me stand still and think at time when I’m feeling less than cheerful. Between my struggles over the past year, getting my shit together financially, trying to finish my degree and generally juggling life as a twenty-something, some days I feel the the world can be tough. It’s a beautiful world, but not always an easy one. On one such day I received this comment, truly timely reminding me that things aren’t always awesome but there is always another, beautiful day to be had. Wise and kind words left from The Stoic Investor:

“Two things I will leave you with. Continue to dream and continue to struggle, but know that at some point you just have to accept who you are. Not, your situation, but who you are. You can always work to improve your situation, but don’t think that once that changes everything changes and life is perfect. Even if you achieve everything you want to accomplish you will still be the same old you with the same old issues. Trust me on this one…  Being alone does not equate to being lonely. Perhaps in your current situation it is best to be both alone and lonely, a little of both are not always such bad companions as people make them out to be.”

Here I go being all melancholic and sentimental again. 😉

Published by Renée

I write about my life, travel and my financial up and downs on my blog, Nickel By Nickel, while contradicting myself daily. ;)

14 thoughts on “Accepting who you are.

  1. That is a pretty awesome comment. It is cool how the blogging community is so supportive about everything. They can really be a much better support network than your own offline friends. Sometimes it's just so much easier to share things with people online.

    He's completely right that there is a time for ups and downs and that we ultimately have to accept who we are.


  2. Often others appreciate what and who we are more than we do. If I was a completely different person, I wonder if I'd still have all I have. Would I fit with the job I want? Would I be a good friend to my friends? Our lives are built around who you are; becoming something different might get rid of all the bad, but it might also get rid of all the good.


  3. I think many people can't accept who they are so they develop expensive habits or "needs" and it ends up hurting them both psychologically and financially.


  4. Great post. I think everyone should love themselves more and realize they are great without the extra add ons. We live in such a critical world these. I honestly don't know how it started but I sure have seen the negative effects.


  5. Good thoughts here, I get the post.

    I think that much of the stress people have is caused by not being happy with their current situation and wanting more. It could be anything, but sometimes it's money specifically. Other times, it's a lifestyle issue that people want to improve…which requires money. Bottom line is that whether it's feeling down, or simply being highly motivated and charged up about achievment, it is often the case that we want better for ourselves.

    Of course, sometimes we simply have to take stock and be happy for the things we have. I wrote about this very recently, that we should be thankful for what we do actually have. To me, a part of this is accepting who we are, so your post does resonate.


  6. It was many years before I was able to be happy with the person I am. I was always trying to please others, not follow my own path.

    It was not until high school that I realized I had a right to take up space and move forward in the world – I was on a crowded stair case, trying to stay out of everyone else’s way when I just stopped and thought to myself, why am I the one who has to move – let others move out of my way! So I started doing that (at least part of the time) both mentally and physically and it helped.


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