Link-Love #21


I used to pretend I posted these link-love posts semi-regularly but I really don’t. I generally keep track of articles I would really like to share for some reason or another and every once in a while they hit the blog, in no particular order here’s what I found interesting on the web these past few weeks:

How to take good travel photos (even if you suck)  on my favourite budget travel website Cheapoair. I honestly haven’t been able to find better airfare deals anywhere! (except my new found hobby: getting points for aeroplan to get even cheaper flights)

An article on Money Sense on outdated mortgage formulae. (By our girl Gail Vax-Oxlade!)

A video on Kathryn’s Conversations on why you need to have status envy to be successful. This one really hit home for me as someone who is constantly looking for the next best thing to aim for. Sometimes I feel I am too hard on myself, on the other hand… I want to go places, I want success in all areas of my life. Thoroughly enjoyed the vid. [outdated url removed February 25, 2014]

Finance Fox had an… interesting post on sugar daddies. [Link removed because I do not support the blatant plagiarism by Finance Fox as ousted on yakezie]

Breaking your money superstitions on Beating Broke, I’m terrible with this. I’m such an overthinker that I scare myself and end up sleepless and terrified of situations that aren’t rationally terrifying. One of my friends appropriately calls me a ‘stresskipje’ in dutch, translated a little stresschicken. Sounds about right. The point of this article is that this behaviour is learned, and that you should think about this and then act on it by dealing with your fears. As I wrote in this article, dealing with your fears is an awesome thing to do.

In a similar category check out this post; ‘Be Brave’ on Daily Money Shot

If you’re trying to get your finances straight and you don’t think you can go anywhere on a modest salary, think again and read this article by Derek from Life and my Finances; How did the top 400 wealthiest people get so rich?  They made smart choices, that’s how!

A great post on RothMania about what happens when bequeathing an IRA, aptly titled Let’s Kill All the Lawyers, you won’t believe what this person was told by an actual lawyer.

The Importance of Blog Networking on Modest Money. Great post, I absolutely suck at this. I never know what to say to people! I fumble for words and things just never come out the way I think them.

And don’t forget to play in this weeks Friday travel drawing game on TravelByPoints, it’s sort of like hangman but with pictures, sortof.

That’s it for now, enjoy your labourday weekend and hope to see you all at Fincon12!

Ps: In case I haven’t replied to your email; I’m truly sorry. I’m trying to get my non-blog life on track and the blog keeps falling by the wayside. I am making a serious attempt at tackling this issue in the coming months.

Published by Renée

I write about my life, travel and my financial up and downs on my blog, Nickel By Nickel, while contradicting myself daily. ;)

5 thoughts on “Link-Love #21

  1. Good to see another link love post around here Renée, especially when it includes my blog 🙂

    Looking forward to that e-mail reply eventually, but definitely take care of the offline stuff first.


  2. Renée,

    Thanks for the love, and it’s nice to see you do a link love post. I hope your long weekend was a good one. Cheers! Eddie [Link removed because I do not support the blatant plagiarism by Finance Fox as ousted on yakezie]


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