TLH: Project Bathroom, slow progress (part 3)

Sept 6th marked the start of my bathroom renovation to transform it from this old layout; Which, in living colour looked roughly like this standing from the doorway: To this, slightly modified, awesomer version with all-new walls, plumbing, electrical, flooring, tub-surround (tile) paint, tub, sink & toilet. A full gut! As you can see theContinue reading “TLH: Project Bathroom, slow progress (part 3)”

Blogging is a lot of work

It’s been silent around here. Yes, you’re still seeing posts but I haven’t dealt with the blog email or Twitter in a few weeks or read any other blogs. School is overwhelming, I am currently enrolled in three courses at the university (Corporate Finance, Strategy and Entrepreneurship) and all three require extensive groupwork and papers,Continue reading “Blogging is a lot of work”

Decking out the The Littlest House, part two!

Last week I posted on one of the latest projects going on around my little house. Check it out here. After a long wait I finally had a new bedroom built onto my house last year and this summer finally, finally was able to have a deck built on. Barbeques, sunning on the deck, backyardContinue reading “Decking out the The Littlest House, part two!”

Midnight musings and other random thoughts.

Michael Ondaatje, from; Divisadero “Sometimes truth is too buried for adults, it can be found only in hours of rewritings during the night, the way metal is beaten into fineness” This is mainly a personal finance blog. I talk about money, my money, your money, what I do with it, what I want to doContinue reading “Midnight musings and other random thoughts.”

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