Decking out the The Littlest House, part two!

Last week I posted on one of the latest projects going on around my little house. Check it out here.

After a long wait I finally had a new bedroom built onto my house last year and this summer finally, finally was able to have a deck built on. Barbeques, sunning on the deck, backyard fun, a laundry line! All things I have very much been looking forward to and of course, adding value to my house for the inevitable sale in the future.

Last weeks post ended here: The posts for the deck had just been installed and they were getting ready to build the frame and add the deckboards.


Since I had a pro do the whole thing this project went seriously fast. On Monday there were a few holes in the ground and by Friday afternoon I had a fully functioning deck. The deck was built entirely from pressure treated wood. I would have preferred cedar, BUT, this isn’t my dream home and the cost really didn’t make sense as I would make a loss on that investment. Late Tuesday things looked like this, that post is for the laundry line:


And by late Friday, I had a complete deck. This is walking up from the driveway to the side of the house. Three steps up and the bedroom door to the left… three steps down to the right into the backyard. Having the deck finished I went out almost the same day to get a barbeque. Another expense but really, decks, barbeques, backyards and summer all go together!

Coming from the driveway

Here’s a view of the final product from the backyard. Not bad huh?

from the backyard

That lightcoloured siding will eventually weather to be the same colour grey as the siding to the right. I also still need to paint the trim around the door and the roofline.

What it all cost?

All in all it cost me about $2,600 for the deck & labour as well as the skirting built around the bottom of the deck. Having a deck isn’t something that has really interested me when looking at houses but having this baby around… I’m loving it! The barbeque has been getting some good use this summer and will continue to be used regularly into the fall, I really don’t cook enough at home! I also finally installed a laundry line instead of having the dryer do all the clothes drying. The only hard part is getting the post in, hanging the line is super-easy.

Nothing better than fresh laundry off the line

I don’t regret spending the cash on having this built by someone and it has definitely been a worthwile investment and is getting good use! My next project is already underway, my bathroom renovation started yesterday, I’m currently shower-less. :/ More on that very soon!

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2 thoughts on “Decking out the The Littlest House, part two!

  1. I love spending afternoons working on the deck. Well, I did in the summer. You're right, it isn't something that you think about when you look at houses, but it should does come in handy during the spring and summer.


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