Blogging is a lot of work

It’s been silent around here. Yes, you’re still seeing posts but I haven’t dealt with the blog email or Twitter in a few weeks or read any other blogs.

School is overwhelming, I am currently enrolled in three courses at the university (Corporate Finance, Strategy and Entrepreneurship) and all three require extensive groupwork and papers, had I known I would not have taken these all together but alas… it’s my last full-time semester as an undergrad. Come November 30th I will have hopefully obtained a passing grade in all three courses and will only have one course left to take in January before I can -finally- graduate in April!

On top of that I work, and I’m trying to renovate my bathroom… and get my wood ready for the winter heating season, get ready for Christmas? clean up the yard… etc. etc. It’s insane. So, for now, I’m taking a blogging-step back. I’m still here, I’m not retiring but you won’t see or hear much of me until early December. I’m sorry I’m missing all your great blogs but for my sanity, NbN has to move a notch down on the things-to-do-list.

I’ll be back soon!



Published by Renée

I write about my life, travel and my financial up and downs on my blog, Nickel By Nickel, while contradicting myself daily. ;)

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