TLH: Project Bathroom, slow progress (part 3)

Sept 6th marked the start of my bathroom renovation to transform it from this old layout;

Window to the left, sink yellow, closet space blue with the door swinging in and hitting the toilet every-single-time

Which, in living colour looked roughly like this standing from the doorway:

Love the colour scheme…

To this, slightly modified, awesomer version with all-new walls, plumbing, electrical, flooring, tub-surround (tile) paint, tub, sink & toilet. A full gut!

new and improved

As you can see the only real floor plan change is that the tub has been moved to the right; along with the fixtures I’ve chosen I am trying to create the illusion of more space, and more actual storage space. The area on the left of the tub will be floor to ceiling shelving;

So much better already, view from door

The new bathtub is several inches taller but two inches slimmer, giving a slight increase in floorspace. The pedestal sink will open up the floor even more and the American Standard low-flow toilet I bought is also smaller – but much much better. Trying to make such a small space work is no easy feat. (For pictures of what things used to look like click here)

So I just posted a picture of my toilet on my blog…

During the first week of the project things moved along pretty fast. In 4 working days the bathroom was gutted, had new electrical installed along with a bathfan, drywalled, seam filled, tub shimmed and the floor underneath the toilet was fixed and the new toilet temporarily placed. (A bunch of that nitty gritty stuff is posted here)

After that there was a hiatus of almost exactly 3 weeks while I waited for my dad to make time to tile around the tub.  I had planned to get this project done in 2 weeks… We’re past the two month mark now. While I was correct with my estimate of actual time required to do the job I am still relying on people to have time to actually do that job and since my dad is volunteering I had to wait for him to have the time to do tile. I can’t complain, I’ve had a functioning bathroom minus the sink since week 5 of the project so it’s just esthetics that are left.

For the wall tile I chose plain white, shiny subway tiles. My dad protested the penny tile border I picked so I ended up with these (he likes them, I don’t);


They’re very manly and military looking grey glass tiles, still not 100% if I like them but they can easily be chipped out in the future. The walls of the bathroom will be a soft-grey and the rest will be simple white trim and fixtures + I’m going to sell the house anyway so I can’t get too hung up about border tile not being my style.

Hehe, gotcha

I’ve been keeping track of all the progress, time as well as dollar-wise;


Week 1:
Friday: Gut & waste removal, planning & talking
Saturday afternoon: Remove cast-iron tub, run new plumbing lines

Week 2:
Tuesday: Installation of bathroom fan, tub roughin, some gyprock, some electrical, jacking & bracing of joists underneath tub (previous owner cut a joist, guys, DON’T CUT JOISTS, EVER)
Wednesday: Walls gyprock, framing for closet behind bathroom, wiring for heating run, potlight installed & lines run, toilet ripped out, tub pulled out, reshimmed & now basically permanently stuck in place (it was moved slightly because Dad The Tiler had some tiling-requirements)
Thursday: No work completed
Friday: Afternoon of house clean up, toilet installation, drywall mudding.

Week 3 & 4:
2 week hiatus, resumed on Wednesday Oct 3

Week 5:
Wednesday – Seams around tub, approx 1 hour
Thursday – tiles tub surround, approx 4 hours
Friday – grouting of tub surround, approx ? (YAY I CAN SHOWER AGAIN!)

Week 6 – 11:
hiatus, hung the medicine cabinet for use in the meantime

This is how things have been looking this past month, I can happily say that using my new tub/shower is simply AWESOME! (and absolutely worth every penny for what is possibly my last year in this house) Check it out;

Border tiles are grey, not beige as they look here.;

I’m proud to report I installed the shower rod, escutcheon plate, tub spout (not pictured) etc myself. 🙂 Aside from the medicine cabinet (not pictured) that I hung to the right of the tub, there has been no further progress! It’s kind of a relief because I really can’t deal with any renovation stuff right now!

    Now for the financials! Running costs [UPDATED with corrections]:

Materials I supplied:
American Standard Low-flow toilet (display model): $75
Tank to toilet gasket & bolts: $10.39
Wax ring; $9.99
Pedestal Sink: $89.00
Tap for sink: $55.43
Medicine cabinet: $139.99
Mirolin soaker tub $279.00
Hex tiles for floor: $173.20
Subway tiles for bath surround: $145.00
Bullnose tile for edge of subway tile around bath: $44.70
Border tile, tub surround: $8.97
Over tub potlight: $38.10
Baseboard heating unit with built-in thermostat: $89.99
New shower curtain rings: $9.97
Rug: $2.88
Wash cloths: $6.97
Toilet paper stand: $7.26 (Wicker Emporium)
Towel Ring (MOEN) $14.93
Towel Bar (MOEN)  $23.93
TP Holder (MOEN) $16.93
Subtotal: $959.93

Materials supplied by contractor
(plumbing hoses, clamps, couplings, plywood, subfloor, screws, fibrerock. electrical etc)
Subtotal: $746.45

+ Waste Disposal: $18.00
+ Labour: $1,425.50 

+ Costs not yet finalized:
Shelves above toilet
Toilet tank connection hose: $x.xx
Bathroom fan: $xx.xx
Shelving: $xx.xx
Subtotal: $xxx.xx 

Total bathroom cost, running total: $3,149.88 

 And that’s it for now, hopefully I can get this project all wrapped up before Christmas. That’s the plan anyway… after that I move on to some work in the sunroom and little bits of trim and painting around the house until spring… when the roof will need to be replaced. Yikes!

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3 thoughts on “TLH: Project Bathroom, slow progress (part 3)

  1. I decided against doing a bathroom redo once I saw just how much value my place had lost. It isn't like I can sell it anytime soon, and if I decide to rent it out, there it doesn't make much sense to spend all the time and money doing so when it's perfectly functional as it is. Although, come to think of it, this would probably be as good a time as any to do it and keep the costs at a minimum with all of the upcoming sales and promotions.


  2. I'm starting our bathroom now and hoping to spend around 2k for the main and around 3-5 for the master ensuite. Looks like you are taking it from drab to stylish but in a manly way. I like the grey color and it's a fairly popular color nowadays. What did you budget for this reno and are you coming in under or over. What advice would you give me for my project that you learned from yours. Mr.CBB


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