Internet, meet Copper. Copper, meet internet!

So it’s been a while since I’ve written anything anywhere. 0.0

On December 7th I posted some work-related news, which you can read here, and since then my life has changed a bit. I haven’t felt the desire to write at all about what’s been happening in my life and I certainly haven’t felt the desire to write anything helpful about finances, or my own finances.  (I’m also just annoyed with PF blogging at the moment which is perfectly described by mochimac here) [March 3, 2014 broken url removed]

The only thing receiving regular updates lately is my dream-journal which, let me tell you, is an interesting read. I don’t really want to write about all that, for now, I’m actually really happy and relieved and I’m doing okay. I’ll write about other things later.  I did want to post about this awesome thing that happened recently:

Internet, meet Copper. Copper, meet internet!


I grew up on farms and my family has had it’s share of horses, dogs, cats, rats, mice and hamsters. After we moved to Canada I had wanted a pet again but since my parents weren’t interested I had a hamster for two years, who passed away. After I moved out in 2006 and my ex-boyfriend was dead-set against a dog as well I adoped Max, a stray and very skinny kitten who became a very affectionate cat that loved to play fetch. Then, in early 2007 because I still wanted a dog very much I adopted a beagle pup who was brought to the local humane society.

That adventure didn’t end so well because the beagle pup, although super cute, ended up being batshit-cra-ha-zy and I had allergies come back that had been gone since I was little, so I found a new boss for the beagle, had allergy testing done, got on meds and got my allergies under control. In 2009 Max passed away from a heart-attack and I’ve been wanting to get another pet ever since. I wrote about that in 2010 actually.

Since I’ve been alone for a while and I’m realizing lots of things lately, like how traveling alone is totally cool and okay (and actually really awesome) and not to waste the little time I have on this earth and just DO and experience things *takes a deep breath*… Early in February I decided to start stopping into the humane society to check out the dogs and cats. I decided to ignore the puppies because… argh, so much work and look for a dog that appeared to have a similar laid-back, friendly character as my parents cocker spaniel. I wasn’t really looking for anything in particular, just checking out who’s there and if there was any great fit for me.

On February 6th I walked by Jimbo, his shelter name, a one-year old labrador retriever mix (I think lab retriever/beagle by the looks of him) that was taken in as a stray in January. I kept walking but once I came around to him again I said hey, there’s something about this dog. We played for a while outside and I came back again that day with my sister and her bf and hesitantly filled in the papers to adopt him. I asked for a longer ‘thinking’ period and went back every day until I took him home 8 days later on February 14th. He was a bit timid at first but started recognizing me and got exited when he saw me knowing he’d get to go out and play.

Checking things out
Checking things out

Copper gets his name from the movie The Fox and the Hound, that and the fact that he is copper coloured. He’s not a big dog, 47 pounds and at one year old should be full-grown by now. He’s really well behaved, jumps a little but for the rest is good to wait at the door, and knows sit down and come. We’ve been working on paw, roll-over, fetch/drop it as well.

So, I’m excited! I know it’s a big commitment and I researched what my options were if I do choose to move. It would be a little stressful for him for a week orso but it’s actually a really easy process to move with a dog.  I was a bit scared at first because it IS a huge commitment but I’m also happy that I was able to give this pup a good home and I hope to have many adventures with him.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a puppy that need attention. 😉

Good stuff
Good stuff

On a PF related note, don’t forget to vote on Modest Money’s Top Canadian Finance Blogs of 2013 poll! 

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