Networth September 2013

It’s October, my side-gig income trickle has stopped completely for the winter and before all of the moolah has been spent, it’s time to check in to see how I did with my September goals, they were;

1. Take care of the overdraft
2. Stuff $500 in my misc savings account to use INSTEAD of overdraft
3. Save $500 towards Italy/Germany/Netherlands trip in October/November
4. Networth of $52,000

Aaaaand here’s a screenshot of the status as of the start of October;Capture

I added some colour to my simple chart to make it more visually appealing.

1. Done! I took care of my overdraft and then some.
2. Fail. I did not hit goal number 2 of setting $500 aside to function as an overdraft.
3. Done! I saved double the $500 amount in misc. savings that I wanted to have set aside ahead of my trip at the end of the month. The airfare, all accommodations and half the train-fares have already been paid out of pocket, I have 500 euro’s cash, so all in all… I’m already good to go. I’m hoping to set aside another $1,000 in the next three weeks in case I want to do some shopping or blow some more on delicious pizza in Italy. I should be able to come home with an empty checking account, but with zero remaining bills to pay for. 🙂  And;
4. Done! Surpassed my net worth goal by a lot. Here’s why:

I had more work done on my house and my house is being appraised in the next few weeks for the switchover from mortgage to HELOC I’m hoping to complete once my mortgage term ends. (more on that in the next few weeks) In anticipation of getting an actual accurate number I’ve been increasing the value of my house on my books as I’ve been increasing its value through renovations. (as I’ve mentioned many many times before, I know some people don’t really do this but to me my Networth means what I’m actually worth were I to liquidate everything I owned today.) The value should still be sitting under what it would actually sell for. Excluding the house-value increase I increased my networth by $600. Not bad!

As for October’s goals; basically not to go broke. On October 21st I fly to Rome to blow through all those misc savings dollars and my goals until then are to pay for this;

Getting a walkway installed after living here for 5 years... finally no more trotting through the grass!
Getting a walkway installed after living here for 5 years… finally no more trotting through the grass!

I had a new walkway installed from the driveway to the house and around the side and the back of the deck. I also had a huge pile of gravel delivered and over the past two weeks put down plastic and gravel in my crawlspace + started sealing off holes and insulating plumbing down there. There are still bills coming from these projects + my winter’s wood (woodstove, woohoo!) is being delivered soon which will be another fairly large bill. So my goals for October are; simply to survive. I’ll be in Legoland in Guenzburg in Germany by the next time a net worth post rolls around so I’ll be sure to let you know how that’s going. :p

PS: One notable change in my chart is that I shut down my Questrade account this week. Blog post coming up about that too!

*still sitting on a bunch of euro’s for my trip

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