Walkways and rocks

It’s been five years coming, but it finally happened!

I got a walkway installed to the front door, around the side of the house and around the back deck. This winter, I will be able to shovel snow off the stones, and not the grass. I can salt the walkway, so I don’t trip and fall over the ice. Oh the luxury! But this post is nothing without pics, so here we go!

I’ve posted this before, do you remember? This is what my house used to look like, before I bought it… and did a lot of stuff to it.

Way back in September 2008
Way back in September 2008

From the driveway you would have to walk over the grass, onto a halfrotten deck, a big chunk of concrete functioning as a step and into that brown door. Fast forward three years later and things are looking a bit like this;

Part of the house went missing
Part of the house went missing

The old rotten deck is gone, I’ve added plants, shrubs and trees and the porch has just been ripped off to be replaced with a new addition. The big piece of concrete that you can see sitting in the middle there was moved to the left and sat there for two years before I was able to find someone who would dispose of it while here for another job. And, early on in October things were looking like this:

October 2013. still a few things to do though
October 2013. still a few things to do though

Over the years I had put in a ‘temporary’ walkway of sorts composed of just gravel put down over the dirt. Just so things wouldn’t turn into a slip and slide. After having lived here for 5 years I know my property pretty well and I realized that 1) I would have a really hard time excavating all the dirt myself and 2) I don’t own a truck to bring in the gravel and stones needed to build the walkway… plus it would probably take me an eternity to do it. (my girlfriends aren’t really the walkwaybuilding types either) So, in the end I decided to hire out the job because I needed a walkway in case I do sell the house next year, or if I rent it out instead the renters also will need something proper to walk on. I hired an old highschool friend for the job, the guys came in and spent the entire day, half in the rain to build me this:

At the end of the day
At the end of the day

And, a few days later, I’m trying out the walkway with some dog obedience training in the sunshine:


Not bad huh? I’m very happy with the end-result. They had to excavate through some old asphalt paving and also removed the big piece of concrete, including all supplies, labour and tax I paid roughly $1,500 for the job. It’s nothing fancy, I’m happy it’s done and look forward to just one less thing to be annoyed with over the winter, now it’s on to the next job, any takers? 😉

So much work
So much work



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3 thoughts on “Walkways and rocks

  1. Very nice! I have some projects waiting for the budget to allow them. We need to replace some of the deck and I want a new patio, but we have to finish getting the kids through college. It does feel good to see things come together, though, doesn't it?


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