Project Move – I’m leaving on a jetplane (maybe)

  You may have noticed I created a page in the bar above called Project Move. I’ve talked about this in previous posts and I touched on it in my last post about my feelings after graduating.  Going forward all posts related to Project Move will be summarized on the same-titled page. I’ve known forContinue reading “Project Move – I’m leaving on a jetplane (maybe)”

Networth November 2013

Aaaaaand it’s the first of the month again, so soon already! Time for another networth update. October’s networth was $57,261.82. Not surprisingly my networth dropped to $56,588.48 for November. 😦 I already anticipated this and it’s due to the last few trip related bills coming in and being paid, primarily. I also made a few purchases,Continue reading “Networth November 2013”

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