Networth November 2013

Aaaaaand it’s the first of the month again, so soon already! Time for another networth update. October’s networth was $57,261.82. Not surprisingly my networth dropped to $56,588.48 for November. 😦 I already anticipated this and it’s due to the last few trip related bills coming in and being paid, primarily. I also made a few purchases, a new computer monitor, mouse and pad and I’m still looking for a wireless keyboard. (eyeing this one at the moment)

2013-12-01 05.26.31

Now, let’s review November!

Goals for November:
1. $300 to Emergency Fund, minimum balance of Emergency fund $6,500 at end of November. Done! Actual balance $6,512.10
2. Ensure RSP contributions continue, $20 this month. Done! My contribution is actually $25, not 20.
3. $200 to MISC savings, minimum balance of MISC savings $400 at end of November. Done! Actual balnce $475.55
4. Organize my financial mess. Work in progress

Year-end Goals:
1. $6,800 Emergency fund minimum balance
2. $2,200 RSP balance Done!
3. $600 misc savings. ($190 spring getaway – Done! /$410 Project Move)

There isn’t really a whole lot to say here either. I aced my goals. I don’t pay attention to the RSP contribution anymore, which is good. It’s just another bill that I plan for and that doesn’t get cut unless I have serious income loss. I don’t think about it at all, which is exactly what I wanted to accomplish! I also accomplished the year-end goal for two of my accounts already and I’m pretty happy about that. 🙂

I know December will be harder, I have to buy gifts and my electric bill is increasing while I also want to get my networth moving back up in the right direction, especially going into 2014!

My December goals:
 $300 to Emergency Fund, minimum balance of Emergency fund $6,800 at end of December (also year-end goal)
2. $600 Misc savings balance ($190 min. spring get away and $410 for Project Move) – also a year-end goal and the second year-end goal I wanted to achieve.
3. Increase networth to $57,000

I’m excited about December and ringing in the new year with new goals. How about you?


Published by Renée

I write about my life, travel and my financial up and downs on my blog, Nickel By Nickel, while contradicting myself daily. ;)

2 thoughts on “Networth November 2013

  1. I was spending a little time today think about some goals I’d like to set for 2013 – and thought I would ask how far along you are in the same. I’m thinking specifically about goals for our youth ministry and goals for me as a husband/father. If you don’t have plans – take some time to make some today – after you vote !


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