Link-Love #23

It’s been so long ago that I shared some link-love that some of the articles listed today are a bit older. They deserve some love nonetheless. Before I get to that though I want to share this awesome poetry.

Girls Who Read – Written and performed by Mark Grist.


This actually reminds me of this other bit I found on the internet recently: Don’t date a girl who reads by Charles Warnke. And I suppose I’m in a poetry kind of mood because I feel I should share this, titled I miss sleeping next to you [source]:

Sleeping next to someone,
not with someone, is perhaps
the most intimate you will
ever be with another human.
In sleep, we are completely
defenseless. We are soft
and supple and childlike.
Our hard exteriors falls away
when the sand hits our eyes.
The way you sleep, with your
face softened and your arms
wrapped around my waist,
is the most beautiful thing
I have ever seen. I am not an
artist, but I may become one
just so that I can capture that

Other articles and good reads:

Rags to Riches; A Chinese-American Story on One Smart Dollar.

You’re a bad tipper and you don’t even know it on Your Finances Simplified. (so, basically I can’t afford to eat out in NYC) 

What are you working for? An interesting question posed by Shane over at Beating Broke. Honestly? Half the time I have no idea what I’m working for. 

A great rant about customer service at certain providers at Married with Debt. Myeah, been there!

I’m going into space! A post worthy to be seen just based on the imagery used alone, over on Freedom 35 Blog.

And finally a story that really reminded me of someone I dated in the past, also posted on the very first blog that got me interested in personal finance (oh the memories 😉 ); A reader story on Get Rich Slowly.


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