Why blogging and many blogs piss me off, why your blog does or doesn’t suck (and mine does too) and why you should’t email me

Ever get angry and frustrated? Here’s some frustration that’s been building up for a while. This post may be a little inflammatory.

I go through periods of not adding to my site at all and I will be the first to admit that THIS website, Nickel by Nickel (and the associated Twitter account) is primarily a digital, public journal where I purge, whine, boast and bitch about everything from rotten floor boards to bad banks and personal melodrama. 50% of the posts are about the things I am struggling with. Sometimes the layout is awful when I make design changes that I think are spectacular until I look back two months later and realize I have no idea what I’m doing 99% of the time. For example, I have this green header with roses up in there. ^ It pops up sometimes. (If you’re curious, hit refresh/f5 a few times, the banner changes) I just leave it because it has meaning to me, other than that it’s awful and ugly.

Sometimes people actually read this blog, which baffles me.


This digital frontier isn’t the only place I blab. I can also talk to my friends and journal with an actual pen and paper, and I do. It helps me process things and I enjoy writing.


But, this post isn’t just about me. It’s about me and many other blogs floating out there:  I’m fed up with all the garbage rehashed finance-related awful writing, stupidity and associated blogs out there. (which for quite some time has led me to stop reading many blogs and websites)

And before I continue I just want to put this out there: I am very guilty of this too. I am not trying to be a hypocrite. I am at times as awful as the worst of them.

Part of the problem is the topic we blog about. Finance. Finance is fairly dry. You have the drama of people that have completely screwed up and are, inspiringly, clawing themselves out creatively. There are young and old people just like me, just winging it every day. There are success stories, there are many many failures and then there are the guys that get REALLY really technical with financial analysis, those blogs that are fascinating but blast past the general population.

And then…  outnumbering all of the good stuff, there are dry articles rehashing the same garbage over and over again. Or worse, people that kind of make it…  and just end up blabbing about ‘monetization’ and turn what was an inspiring personal-thing into a cold business.  Again, I’m guilty too: I occasionally sell ads/adspace and I continue to do so, but it seems much of this contributes to the problem if it’s done poorly.

boop, hehe
boop, hehe

Don’t get me wrong with all of the above, there are quite a few blogs/people that I really enjoy because I connect with these people on a level that isn’t just numbers but…. I’m fed up with the ‘financial writers’ emailing me parading ‘high quality articles unique to my site’. I’m fed up with the dozens upon dozens of bloggers joining Yakezie to hope to make a buck.

I’m sick of the guys buying sites repeating this nonsense to generate more income. You know what? I’m guilty of it too, I’m just another blog out there and I am certainly not unique. I’ve published terrible content that I’m not proud of. I’ve mushed words together that half made sense just to have something to post until I realized it wasn’t really working.  I’m currently working to get rid of the real bad stuff and edit some of my own writing. I started blogging because I got inspired by other blogs to fix my life and to fix my money situation and that’s very far from what all this crappy writing perpetuates.  I like blogging because I love reading and I love writing and finding a way to put emotions into words.

I relish reading works of epic authors such as Jose Saramago, Ondaatje, Ayn Rand, C.S.Lewis. Kind-of-funny guys like Malcolm Gladwell. I love wordsmiths like Jason Mraz, Dallas Green (anyone else going to Halifax May 3?), Jason Mayer and Jack Johnson… John Butler Trio… I could go on. I’m not claiming I am a great writer by the way. I don’t even know how to make the shortcut to get the apostrophe on Jose, or my own name… alt+something, I could memorize it but instead I google for it and copy paste it when I need to use it. I am the princess of run-on sentences. I publish stuff with typos. (a)

That all said; I enjoy a well-written blog about poop more than these awful finance-related articles out there. Words rearranged in infinite combinations on your random finance blog about how to generate extra income, how to save money during the holidays and how to save for your kids college education. They are just lists rehashing the same stuff already covered in 10,000 other blogposts on the same topic that are BORING.

I am infinitely guilty of it and with this post I promise I will never do it again. Lastly, If you’re planning to write me an email telling me you are a financial writer from a random email address with numbers in it and want to send me an article that is highly unique, informative, BLADIBLA-article,look at this before you hit send:


If that’s not you. Please feel free to send me an email or tweet me up.

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I write about my life, travel and my financial up and downs on my blog, Nickel By Nickel, while contradicting myself daily. ;)

3 thoughts on “Why blogging and many blogs piss me off, why your blog does or doesn’t suck (and mine does too) and why you should’t email me

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  2. yeah, there are times things really bother me about the
    PF blogging community. In fact that’s one reason I stay away from monetization as much as possible because I feel like it requires you to write the super click-bait type of articles “101 ways to bull shit” 🙂 I don’t fault those people that do it, but I have a hard time reconciling it. At this point of time I am happy paying down debt and talking about me and my life, mostly centered around money.


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