A DIY update: How to make home made dogfood, or as I call it: Slop.

Back in June last year I posted an article on how to make your own dogfood. See that post here.

Back in June, 2013
Back in June, 2013

It’s been a while since I posted that and I’ve changed my method quite a bit to be cheaper, more efficient and just generally less hassle so I thought an update was in order!

A summary: I chose to feed my dog a high-quality and varied diet.  I did some research and decided to make my own dog food and to only supplement with high quality kibble and other things likes eggs, treats and bones… and maybe the occasional bit of cheese. Theoretically this means my dog also eats less because I have increased the quality of his diet. I have no evidence of this however as I’ve never solely fed my dog kibble for any extended period of time.

If you are looking to save money on dogfood, this is not the post for you. Yes, homemade dog food will be cheaper than feeding only store bought and high-quality foods but it is definitely not cheaper than if you were to feed your dog with whatever the cheapest thing on sale is at your local supermarket. I am very happy with my dogs health, how he looks, how he feels and how little hair he sheds.

Copper the snowdog
Copper the snowdog

Since last May/June I have tweaked my method of dog food making simply by cutting corners because I’m lazy and was looking to waste less time while still making my own dog food. As I said in my last post, I started doing this with little forethought, it was just a random brain fart with the idea of saving money and feeding my dog a good and varied diet.

It takes me slightly longer to make this than if I were to go and buy dog food so time spent is now nearly negligible in calculating cost.


Changes I’ve made: I use less tools, spend less time making, use one pot and no longer freeze food or use tubs to freeze it in. One pot, one knife and cutting board. Done. Simple!

Ingredients of today’s batch:
Roughly 3,5lbs of beef, diced.. $2,99 a lb beef sale is why.
several tbsp EVOO used to brown beef first 5 minutes
1 cup of pea/corn/carrot soup mix
500 g diced carrots
1 cup brown rice
1 cup rolled oats
2 bananas, diced
2 apples, cored and diced with peel
1 tsp garlic
Several cups of water

Tools used:
1 large pot
1 cup measuring cup
1 big spoon for stirring
1 cutting board
1 sharp paring knife

2014-01-15 18.58.00
nom beef!

I sliced and diced the beef, added it to a pot with some EVOO and garlic and let it simmer while I continued to slice and dice on the same cutting board, with the same knife. (washed in between). I diced the carrots and added them to the pot when the beef was almost done, it will start releasing water on it’s own so I don’t add any water until I’m done adding the carrots, the carrots take the longest to cook and Copper won’t eat them unless they are soft enough so I boil them the longest. (otherwise he eats around them and leaves them in his bowl).

I then add the soup veggies, and enough water to later be absorbed by the rice and oats and let everything simmer for roughly 30-45 minutes while I do dishes… or sweep, or whatever.

Ingredients of last weeks batch
Ingredients of last weeks batch

After simmering I add the rice and oats and slowly let it cook for another 10-15 while I’m productive doing dishes reditting and imgurring.

End product
End product


When the timer goes I turn off the heat add in the fruit and stir thoroughly, today’s fruits turned out to be bananas and apples because they were on sale.

The resulting pot full of stuff should be roughly the consistency of a rice casserole dish, if it’s more like a stew then you’ve used too much water… but don’t worry…. your dog will still eat it 😉

What else… Actually nope, that’s all. Bam, done!  I let it cool down a bit. Put a lid on the pot and put it in my fridge where I will spoon out of it for roughly five days in the morning and in the evening until the pot is empty. Then the process repeats after the next grocery day.

I supplement in between with the occasional boiled or blended egg, dog kibble on days I don’t have a pot in the fridge and copious treats and bones… of course. It works for me, takes very little effort and I have a happy healthy dog. Good stuff.



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3 thoughts on “A DIY update: How to make home made dogfood, or as I call it: Slop.

  1. my shepperd is 16yrs in april and roger the collie is 9 this year and i was mortified to find out what goes into comercial dog food, so i will be slowly changing their diets. last summer i nearly lost the shepperd he was treated with sterroids which i didnt realize at the time. i took him off them and gave him omega 3 which works well and barley grass for his digestion and that works well, he still goes a half hour walk at a steady pace, so with a better diet it will improve the quality of his old age, and he is still alert and very happy.


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