The pizza in Napoli

The courtyard of our hostel on Via dei Tribunali
The courtyard of our hostel on Via dei Tribunali

In October I visited Napoli, Italy with my sister for three days. We’d actually intended to visit Pompei but due to lost luggage and delays our primary purpose in Napoli ended up being the eating of much pizza… and walking around the small sidestreets that make up the heart of Napoli.

on the way from the trainstation to Via dei Tribunali
on the way from the Napoli Centrale train station to Via dei Tribunali

We stayed at San Genarro B&B on Via dei Tribunali right in the historic district of Napoli which we booked through

the balcony in our room
the balcony in our room

We’ve used Airbnb for NYC and two stays in Rome (different apartments) I’ve also used it to book a stay in Oberotann, Germany and I will be using it again to stay in Utrecht, the Netherlands in August & September. If I don’t have points for a hotel Airbnb is my first choice because it has literally every type of accommodation you can imagine and the hosts really add value. In our case, Gianni, who lives in the appartment where we rented a room, was able to call our airline and speak to them in Italian and help us figure out where our luggage was and when we would finally get it. Huge help. He also helped us map out the neighbourhood and pick the best times and places to be.


When we arrived in Napoli I had been without allergy meds for 4 days and I hadn’t expected the very poor air-quality, which as I found out afterwards, is well documented.  The small streets, smog and heat hit my lungs like a brick. My sister hated me because I couldn’t keep up  because I couldn’t breathe so on the second day I found an apothecary and in very poor italian managed to make clear which medication I needed. Due to this and lost luggage I initially thought I wouldn’t visit Napoli again… but I might in the future. That’s the beauty of travel, you learn so much! (I also know I shouldn’t check my meds, but checking my carry-on bag was a last-minute decision as we were late at the airport for check-in and sis told me on the spot she was checking her bag, so I checked mine too… with my meds, the bags then ended up lost for nearly a week)

random building
random building

Napoli is different, if you’re used to western travel and hotels Napoli will give you a glimpse of poverty and history. It’s also very different than Rome. In Rome everything old is a tourist attraction, the historic centre of Napoli is also ancient… but you don’t feel like a tourist walking through a guided maze at every step, which is great.

lazy puppy at a store entry

The most memorable part about Napoli was, of course, the pizza. I’ve never tasted so many amazing pizza’s in my life. No pizza since has made up for it. We ate so much pizza that for about two months after the trip Ididn’t want to go near it. Also any american version just can’t tip Napoli pizza.


Best pizza? Handsdown Sorbillo’s, Di Matteo’s was good too, but Sorbillo’s beat it. It turns out there’s two Sorbillo’s, one copycat, the restaurant also opens later in the evening and be prepared for a little bit of a wait on the street. It’s worth it. (check this summary of pizza places)

When we returned from our trip I referred to it as a big lifelesson. I still think that’s true, I went through a rollecoaster of emotions prior to, during and after the trip. From excitement to disappointment and awe to anger and happiness. It was just a trip… but it’s shaping my plans, my views on life and also how I handle my finances. I’ve realized that exploring the world is more important than getting to a million dollars, and while yes, I do need to save for retirement… I’d rather see as much as I can now, than later.



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4 thoughts on “The pizza in Napoli

  1. God, Napoli pizza. Nothing even comes close.

    We spend a few days staying out west on the very outskirts, near some big convention centre/mall in the burbs. Some of the buildings out there…oh my.

    We also stayed in the historic area near the museum for a few days and that was quite a different taste. Naples wasn’t the easiest of destinations to visit, I was prepared for it to be gritty and rough but DANG.

    Did you get to go to the cool cemeteries with skulls and all?


    1. If I ever go back to Napoli… it’s probably for the pizza.

      Didn’t go to any cemeteries but we did visit the church of the dead, just up a bit from where we were staying. The basement area wasn’t open and the copper skulls outside freaked me out enough that I didn’t really have any interest in looking around either.


  2. That pizza looks so good… Nice to meet you Renee. This is Peter from Thanks for joining the 2014 Yakezie Spring team.


    1. Hey Peter, look forward to your email, I haven’t been overly involved with Yakezie the past year so I am looking forward to reconnecting with some people and seeing what’s new


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