In support of TWLOHA: To write love on her arms.



It’s the Dutch word for poignant and it’s the word I keep coming back to since coming back from Cuba. On the last three nights of my trip to Cuba I spent some time with a guy, a kid, 19 and we got talking. About depression and suicide and drugs and rehab. He’d checked himself into rehab after dropping out of school, fucking up everything, doing coke and eventually heroin (once). 6 months he spent getting clean, and here he was on a beautiful beach in Cuba underneath the stars, with me.

Still hurting.

Still here.

On my third evening of spending time with him, and getting to know him a little bit, I felt the very strong urge to tell him simply that he mattered. That’s all I said, “you matter… you know”. He was quiet for a bit and said quietly; “No one has ever told me that before.” It hit me like a brick wall and it hasn’t left my mind since.

I’ve written about depression before on this blog, in posts that have since disappeared into the void of the internet, and I’ve always felt that there is a reason that I end up in strange and personal conversations with people, kids, just like this. So, today I want to point out TWLOHA. Short for To Write Love On Her Arms

Because there are too many people out there hurting and they need to know that their life matters.

I can write about it at length here but I encourage you to check out the mission statement on the twloha website, it’s very simple:

 TWLOHA is an American non-profit movement dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury and suicide. 

TWLOHA started as a movement with one lost girl back in 2006. You can read the story of how TWLOHA came to be right here.  Depression and suicide statistics for youth are astounding, and that 19 year old kid falls right into the bracket. It was a poignant reminder of how broken our world is. He’s okay now, he’s doing better than he was. He has hope. My simple request today is this: Please help me share hope with the people that need it and please help me support this awesome organization so we don’t lose any more beautiful people who are lost but can be found.

For more information please visit TWLOHA.COMtwloha


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