100 Happy days.

The clocks changed Sunday morning and I slept quite late, I couldn’t sleep Sunday night so I was browsing the web. Blogging, instagraming, tweaking my blog. I was thinking about writing about this, so let’s work it out.

2014 11 100 happy days screenshot

 I ran into the 100 happy days thing through Facebook. I have never been a fan of Facebook and have deleted my profile a few times already in the six years orso since signing up. Has it been that long already? I’ve been rather private on it, keeping my friends limited, not sharing a whole lot and only updating my status once in a blue moon.  Despite being a very useful tool for stalking prospective tenants and employees, exes and former friends and potential dates.  Facebook has generally made me feel bad. I’ve always felt that people post the best of themselves, and I envied them, despite knowing that what we so carefully reveal to our friends digitally isn’t always the truth.


When I saw the 100 happy days challenge initially early this year I thought the same. I thought oh boy, lots of pictures of lattes and boyfriends and husbands and babies and dogs and *puke* silliness with lots of hashtags, shared through instagram, posted and liked on Facebook and tweeted about.

But I’ve warmed up to it since then, realizing that maybe it’s not a bad thing for me to be a little bit more open to the people around me, sharing what I love and don’t love, and… the purpose of the #100happydays challenge; notice what makes me happy daily. So I signed up for Instagram, I liked creeping there already anyway. Seeing the world as others see it, pretty pictures, moments in lives. I linked my Instagam to my personal Facebook, my blog and my blogs Twitter. So that whenever I post something, my friends, family will see it, and all my digital friends too. It’s going to show up on all the digital avenues I use. Not to brag, not to say LOOK AT ME, look at this thing I did. But to say, look! This is me and I like this, this makes me happy and I want to tell you about it. This beautiful world. What makes you happy?

There is this thing on the east coast where I live that when you ask someone, “how are you?” The answer is generally “not too bad” or perhaps this is a Canada wide thing? The person asking about how you are never means it as an actual question and the response is never expected to be an actual answer. It’s a greeting and an expected response and after learning it it’s become ingrained in my habits to act the same. I want 100 Happy Days to be a challenge where daily I acknowledge that my life isn’t “not too bad” but that my life is good, that despite the lows and challenges there is happiness every day and to change that standard greeting to truth.

#100happydays #day11

89 days to go.

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I write about my life, travel and my financial up and downs on my blog, Nickel By Nickel, while contradicting myself daily. ;)

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